1 Kindness has an amazing ability to increase happiness, self esteem and optimism, improve mental and physical wellbeing, lower stress and anxiety levels, create better social and academic outcomes, and reduce bullying in schools and the community.

Sounds good, doesn’t it!
That’s because kindness is a natural remedy for a multitude of ailments,
and best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

Our community project and primary school curriculum provides information, lessons and activities for adults and children to enable growth through positivity, an awareness of self, compassion for others and the addictive feel good emotions that being kind generates.

A need for change within school communities is evident, so it’s time to rethink and stop the negative talk about bullying. It’s not enough to simply ask children to be kind to their peers, we actually have to show them how and on an on-going basis so that it becomes a natural and instinctive part of life.

Our school curriculum is a positive step towards changing cultures in schools by promoting a healthy outlook at an early age and building an armour of goodness that encourages happy, positive, well rounded individual who care for others.

“There is substantial empirical evidence that systematic, on-going, and fully infused emotional learning programs are essential to nurture mental health and reduce bullying in a sustainable way. There must be a long-term commitment to teaching emotional literacy as a priority in every classroom. The research is clear that teaching kindness, and other emotional content, has significant positive effect on mental health, academic accomplishment, and overall well-being.”Patty O’Grady, PhD, Professor at the University of Tampa

We hope you explore our community, join in discussions
and share your
experiences to help encourage others to make a difference.