Kindness has the ability to increase happiness, self-esteem and optimism, improve mental and physical wellbeing, lower stress and anxiety levels, create better social, emotional and academic outcomes, and reduce bullying in schools as well as the community.

Sounds good, doesn’t it!

That’s because kindness is a natural remedy
for a multitude of ailments!

Given this impressive list of proven benefits, we found it astonishing that more people weren’t using it! And how is it possible that more schools hadn’t adopted it as a natural means to reduce anti-social and exclusive behaviour? 

We decided it was time people knew more about the power of kindness so we built a heart-centred primary school curriculum based on kindness and the premise that what you get out of life is directly related to what you give. 

With a focus on changing cultures in schools, it has gained International attention as a positive alternative to traditional anti-bullying programs. Promoting a healthy outlook at an early age by building an armour of goodness that nurtures happy, positive, well-rounded individual who care for others is the key to a successful and rewarding life.

We aim to inspire generational change by reaching students from disadvantaged homes so they can experience the happiness that can be achieved when being a kind and caring person. Our lessons and activities are designed to nurture kindness and giving in the classroom, home and community to foster a warm and loving environment where our children can reach their full potential.


A need for change within school communities is evident, so it’s time to rethink our approach and stop the negative talk about bullying. Blaming and shaming aren’t the answer! We must recognize the need to teach children how to be better people and allow them to experience the feel-good emotions that will cement good values as a natural and instinctive part of their life.



Our community project motivates people to make changes in their lives to enable growth through positivity, an awareness of self, compassion for others and the addictive feel-good emotions that being kind generates.

We hope you explore our community, join discussions and share your experiences and stories to help encourage others to make a difference.