I was waiting for a bus outside a shopping centre and overheard a few teenage boys talking excitedly. At first, I thought they were boasting about picking on an intellectually disabled man and felt sick. But on listening closer, I realised they had helped the man.

They had witnessed a woman mocking an elderly disabled man until he was distressed to the point of tears. She was filming his reaction and said she would put it on Facebook. These compassionate boys confronted the woman about her behaviour which led to other passers by thinking they were harassing the woman. Once they explained what had happened the woman left to avoid being confronted by other adults and the consequences of her cruel actions. Hopefully, others will step in and report her if she attempts to post the footage online and perhaps security footage will lead to her facing consequences.

Often we can stereotype who will bully and who will step in to help. Teenagers have a reputation for being judgemental of those who are different and ‘not cool’, but many are kind and caring. I was really impressed these boys didn’t turn a blind eye and stood up for the victim in this situation. I’m glad that in my community people will not stand by while others are victimised. – Heather

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