I got my hair cut today and as I was driving back, sitting at a red light, I thought about what a friend had recently said to me. I told myself I’m going to write a note and tomorrow go to one of these guys that sells newspapers on the corner (unless I see someone else) and give them the note and $5.

As I’m sitting there at the red light, I see an older lady, unkept and carrying a bag with a few water bottles. I look to my left and see some of her things – small bag, a jacket, and a sign. I think to myself, in different circumstances, that could be me. She looks to be in her 50’s or 60’s but who knows, maybe she’s only in her 40’s. She has pieces of brown paper bag twisted around her head and neck to catch the sweat. She is missing some teeth and her gums are receding. I am drawn to react. I reach for my wallet, thinking ok forget about the note. If I get this $5 out before the light turns green, I am going to give it to her.

I motion for her and she comes up and I give her the $5 and I say, I hope you use this for something you need and she says, “I will and God bless you.” As this happens, the light turns green and I don’t want to delay the car behind me so I take off and say, God Bless. – Joyful Endeavors

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