The other day I was driving down the street and there was this punk rock looking kid, about 14, riding his bike on the sidewalk beside me. Coming towards him was a disabled man in a motorised wheelchair with a bunch of groceries on his lap. As they approached each other the disabled guy dropped a couple bags, spilling items on the sidewalk. The punk kid stopped, set down his bike and picked up the gentleman’s stuff and secured it for him. He didn’t have to.  read more →

My employer hosts a White Elephant gift exchange each year where the Company buys all the gifts. read more →

On a busy morning, I was driving my daughter to school. She was running late (making everyone else late). We had just dropped her sister off at school and she convinced me she needed some cocoa to stay warm at school. read more →

Years ago a group of female friends got tired of seeing other women suffer. We’d offer moral support, maybe pool a fee needed or bus fare home or loan self-help books. We decided to open a bank account and commit to a monthly deposit and opened a rotating lending library in whoever’s home had the space at the time. We cultivated relationships with a local counselor and hotel management to get discounts. read more →

I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease when I was five. This is a progressive neurological condition that destroys the neural pathway from the brain to the muscles, causing atrophy, weakness, pain and numbness as well as lack of balance. It primarily affects the arms and legs but in some cases, it can also affect breathing and swallowing. read more →

I have cancer but it’s curable. Even being curable, it’s sometimes a little hard and daunting.
I was going to Walmart one night and had parked and struggled to get out of my car. Then I hobbled across the street to the entrance. A man stopped me and said “it will get better. You can do this”. I started to cry and he hugged me. I’ll never forget his kindness. – Kemi 
My sweet friend babysat my 1-year-old every Monday morning since Summer term so that I could volunteer in my 7-year-olds class. – Bryony

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Acts of kindness at my Chick fil A are amazing. Not only from my guests but, from the owner himself.

Back in May, we flooded twice. Ten inches of water in the entire house. I was given a vacation pay for a week (when I could not even get out to work). And the guests themselves gave freely of their hard earned money. I feel so Blessed. Each guest and the owner himself said that they were just paying me back for my love and kindness that I had shown them. – Deborah 

I was getting a few items at the grocery store the other day and a lady came behind me with one box of oatmeal. She was holding a credit type card in her hand. I whispered to the cashier to please ring hers in too. At first, she thought there was a mistake and I just turned and said Merry Christmas and the cashier handed her the oatmeal in a bag before she bagged my items and the lady left. read more →

My husband was trying to make his way home to Charleston, SC from New York City, NY on a greyhound bus. Due to a snow and ice storm, the buses stopped running and he is now in Fayetteville, NC. read more →

A few years back I became friends with one of the nurses at a local nursing home. She was amazing! The kind that I wish every home was filled with, singing, dancing, just flat out loving them and helping in so many ways on so many levels! 😀 Incredibly, that was just one of her jobs, as she was also a caretaker for several. read more →

I love doing acts of kindness for family, friends and strangers alike, but just now, my grandfather and I were the unexpected recipients! He had gone outside to pick up some of the palm branches that went on the sidewalk after yesterday’s wind. As soon as I saw what he was doing, I too went out, worried about him doing it alone, due to fairly frequent dizziness.  read more →

There was a time in my life when I saw nothing but darkness ahead. I was spiraling out of control, drinking and partying everyday simply to dull the pain. I was headed into an abyss, and it seemed nothing could stop me from falling over the edge. read more →