I have cancer but it’s curable. Even being curable, it’s sometimes a little hard and daunting.
I was going to Walmart one night and had parked and struggled to get out of my car. Then I hobbled across the street to the entrance. A man stopped me and said “it will get better. You can do this”. I started to cry and he hugged me. I’ll never forget his kindness. – Kemi 
My sweet friend babysat my 1-year-old every Monday morning since Summer term so that I could volunteer in my 7-year-olds class. – Bryony

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Acts of kindness at my Chick fil A are amazing. Not only from my guests but, from the owner himself.

Back in May, we flooded twice. Ten inches of water in the entire house. I was given a vacation pay for a week (when I could not even get out to work). And the guests themselves gave freely of their hard earned money. I feel so Blessed. Each guest and the owner himself said that they were just paying me back for my love and kindness that I had shown them. – Deborah 

I was getting a few items at the grocery store the other day and a lady came behind me with one box of oatmeal. She was holding a credit type card in her hand. I whispered to the cashier to please ring hers in too. At first, she thought there was a mistake and I just turned and said Merry Christmas and the cashier handed her the oatmeal in a bag before she bagged my items and the lady left. read more →

My husband was trying to make his way home to Charleston, SC from New York City, NY on a greyhound bus. Due to a snow and ice storm, the buses stopped running and he is now in Fayetteville, NC. read more →

A few years back I became friends with one of the nurses at a local nursing home. She was amazing! The kind that I wish every home was filled with, singing, dancing, just flat out loving them and helping in so many ways on so many levels! 😀 Incredibly, that was just one of her jobs, as she was also a caretaker for several. read more →

I love doing acts of kindness for family, friends and strangers alike, but just now, my grandfather and I were the unexpected recipients! He had gone outside to pick up some of the palm branches that went on the sidewalk after yesterday’s wind. As soon as I saw what he was doing, I too went out, worried about him doing it alone, due to fairly frequent dizziness.  read more →

There was a time in my life when I saw nothing but darkness ahead. I was spiraling out of control, drinking and partying everyday simply to dull the pain. I was headed into an abyss, and it seemed nothing could stop me from falling over the edge. read more →

We went down to the VA Hospital on Friday to hand out cards, letters, etc., and hang a banner from my daughter Lulu’s school. What an awesome experience! 

The Veterans were so grateful and happy to talk and share stories. I was really happy to see all of the things that had been sent over from schools, groups etc. I learned a lot of interesting things, one being about the POW•MIA table that is always set, and all of the things that are put on the table and why. read more →

As long as I can remember I have dreamed of traveling and one of the places I have always wanted to go was Ireland. Another thing that had tagged along with this dream was the question: “How am I going to get to there?”

When I was in my early 40s, I had saved a bit of money, and I thought that I was finally on my way to getting to Ireland! I had started a bank account. I called my “travel fund”. Cute name I thought! One day my life partner, who was also my car mechanic, announced that my car needed a new transmission. “How much?” I asked and almost cried when he told me the amount. It was the exact amount that was in my travel fund. I thought that God had a funny sense of humor. Yeah, it was a travel fund alright, but not to Ireland. My dream was dead! read more →

In late 2012 my children were kidnapped and slated for the (then unknown) child/sex slavery auction block effectively running in the underbelly of our society. read more →

On Fridays, I treat myself to Dunkin Dounuts and I use the drive-thru. When I pay at the window, I also pay for the person’s order behind me in line and they won’t know it until they pull up to the window and I’ve already left by then. I just want to it anonymously to make someone’s day brighter. I do this because someone once did it for me and it helped restore my faith in the world. read more →

Today I really needed, more than anything else, a reminder that there are still kind and thoughtful people in this world… and wouldn’t you know? THIS happened: read more →