Six months ago my three daughters and I fled our home after one disclosed years of abuse that she had secreted away. We left behind a home, a $90,000 a year income, and everything but the clothes on our backs and a vehicle. We found ourselves in a shelter, 50 miles from home, with a bit of change, our only income for the foreseeable future.  read more →

On a cold Friday evening, I was dropping my son at basketball training, when I spotted this couple with luggage. They were stopping every couple of steps and the man was more or less carrying the woman. read more →

A few weeks ago I received a belated birthday card from a beautiful lady that I have formed a wonderful true friendship with through a mutual friend on facebook. read more →

He is the center of our galaxy, I’ll admit that.

Brady had been asking for two days to go carp spearing again. The stars aligned one afternoon and all three of us were free at the same time. Joe and I and 12-year-old Brady loaded up the trusty old Ford pick-up truck. The three of us squished together in the cab ready to play for the afternoon.

Me? I was a spectator, armed with a digital camera for capturing the moment … not the fish. read more →

Meet Doggie, my sons (15) beloved BFF. He has had this since he was 7 months old. He has dived out of bed and cut his forehead open and flung himself down the stairs (with no injury thank god) to ‘save’ this toy. He has sat in front of the washing machine watching him go round and then taken up residence in front of the radiator to watch him dry. read more →

When I was in second grade I often dealt with a bully from another class. The next year he apologized and said it was because he was jealous of my ‘boyfriend’ who by then had moved on. read more →

10 years ago today, I was spending my first day alone while the rest of my family was traveling out of state. I was 22 but still very nervous about it. That afternoon I got a call that just totally changed my day and has stuck with me ever since! read more →

Ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to be the Administrative Assistant at a local church.

When I had started to attend years before, a friend would pick me and another older lady up and drive us to church every Sunday. I learned this older lady used to be the Administrative Assistant to the previous pastor. So almost every Sunday, the drive would be a terrible trip as we would listen to how this “new” (almost 20 years experience!) pastor was horrible, the church was unorganized, etc. Finally, it was enough! I yelled at God… either let me help her or shut her up!!
So now, years later, in the same job that she was in, I immediately remembered her, and thought…I’m gonna kill this woman with kindness if it kills me first! read more →

An older man’s card kept declining and he said aloud he thought he had $70 in his account (sad that he knew how much was there) so I stepped up and paid for his groceries (I wasn’t sure if I had the funds in my account, but I did!). read more →

The other day during Joseph’s home visit, while he was waiting for his sister to get a wagon ride, he looked at me and said, “YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT IN LIFE AND TAKE TURNS!” as he was pacing back and forth. He has come a long way to say that, in the past, he would have had a meltdown if he didn’t get what he wanted right way! He is maturing right before my eyes, and trying very hard to control his impulses and anxiety!! read more →

I witnessed a young homeless man and his dog crossing the road during a red light. A guy in a big SUV became outraged and tried to make it look like he was going to hit him and did, in fact, come close to hitting the dog. The homeless man was definitely a little intoxicated. He started yelling at the SUV: “just come talk to me about it. I’m a human too.” He seemed about to cry. read more →

I was in a HEB (in San Antonio, Texas) the other day and I nearly passed out in the store (I’ve been very ill — I have a chronic illness). The cashier while I was waiting to check out was super, I told her I was about to pass out, she got me a chair and a bottle of water. The manager asked if I needed an EMS I told them I’d be fine, I just needed to sit for a bit. The manager got me a wheelchair with a basket so they could wheel me out to my vehicle and helped put my groceries into my car. read more →