There are good people out there. After my 12 hour shift, I was driving home thinking about dinner (forgot my lunch) and I got a flat tire. I pulled off the freeway and had to stop in a turn only lane with my flashers on. I called AAA and they said they’d be 45 minutes! read more →

A book. One single book. Many people don’t realize how important having one book can be in the life of a child. But believe me, just one book can mean the world. I know this because I have seen the joyous expressions on children’s faces as they receive a book to keep. read more →

My youngest (10) likes to help out around the house as much as he can. Dishes, feeding the dogs and vacuuming, even though it’s had for him to push it back and forth. He helps prepare food and clean up after meals. read more →

I went shopping today; I hadn’t wanted to go alone because it can be pretty difficult when you’re on crutches, but I didn’t have any help so used a driving cart. read more →

Years ago, when money was better for us, the local Dollar Tree was selling teddy bears. I was blessed to be able to stock up over time and send them to a hospital I once was a patient of. It was such a miserable place that I wanted to bring some light there. I heard from one of the staff that my wish was granted.  read more →

I work at Dollar Tree and we have been asking customers if they would be interested in purchasing school supplies for our local schools for just a dollar. Lots of people have their reasons why they can’t donate, like, “I already give to our church” or, “I am sick of being asked for my money”. read more →

I bought a Mother’s Day plant and plant holder hook for my neighbor who has a special needs son. Although he is 35, his mind is that of a very young child and he has no concept really of doing something for his mom, even saying I love you, so he would never think to say Happy Mother’s Day either. read more →

Several years ago I went back to college after taking some years off. To make it less stressful with the transition back, I took music classes. I was nervous but excited.

I made great progress in my music, but more than that, I formed deep friendships. Most of the people in the group were old enough to be my parents/grandparents and a few became like adoptive parents who I looked forward to seeing once a week. In addition to helping with my music, one always gave me a ride home and they helped me when my anxiety became overwhelming. read more →

We recently had a call from a parishioner at church. He had seen that our name was in the bulletin, requesting prayers. He was so worried that he ended up calling us just to find out what was wrong! That touched me deeply! He is the first and only one from the church to do that (though other parishioners are kind). I explained a little of what was wrong, and he assured me we would be in his prayers. The next day he called and said he had spoken with his family and they wanted to give us a check! read more →

A few years ago after a particularly hard day at work, I took my car to Costco because the battery needed replacing. read more →

Up the street from my 4-year-old grandson, a boy was visiting his dad who lives with the boys grandparents after separating from his wife. The boy had very few toys and was riding and admiring one of my grandson’s 2 scooters. My grandson, out of the blue, told him he could have it. Even after his Mom (my daughter) explained that if he did that he wouldn’t get it back. He insisted saying, “It’s okay. He can have it. He doesn’t have one.” And, he’s never asked for it back. – Gaga 🙂

Launched on 15 July 2016, it’s been an exciting time as Nourish Network finds its feet and place in the local community.

Nourish is a volunteer based, holistic outreach program developed to educate, empower and support parents and guardians struggling to provide for their families. Our ultimate aim is to fill our members with newfound confidence, employable skills and effective techniques to help heal their wounds, improve their lives and find work.

Working with local schools in the Yarra Ranges (outer eastern Melbourne), families are selected based on circumstances and their willingness to participate and eventually give back to their community.

A member-only program, Nourish partners with SecondBite and local businesses and organizations to provide a weekly allocation of fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, recipes and nutritional information, wellbeing resources, friendship, and support. 

We used 2016 as a pilot year with a small group to gain insight into the social, emotional and financial struggles our members face so we are better able to provide for their needs.
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