Kids Ideas for Kindness

Kindness is catching, so do something nice and watch the ripple take hold.
You can even do anonymous acts of kindness and have fun hiding around the corner to see people’s reactions.

Kind Ideas from Butler Elementary

Butler Elementary Kids Ideas



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Other Kind Ideas

little-star give a compliment  ask why someone looks sad  little-star clean a friend’s car  do a job without being paid
little-star talk to a friend who looks lonely  little-star smile at people  little-star pick up rubbish  little-star make your parent’s bed
little-star bake a cake for someone  little-star tell your grandparents you love them  little-star give someone a big hug
little-star include people when you play  little-star share your toys  return a shopping trolley  little-star pick something up for someone
little-star make a card to thank your teacher  little-star leave flowers on a windscreen  little-star be kind to everyone


little-star I get my friend’s jacket every lunch and playtime when he leaves it on the basketball court. – Zac 
little-star I cleaned up my neighbours front yard and left a card in their letterbox. – Reece
 I mopped the floors and wiped down the benches and cupboards to surprise my mum. – James
 I gave my brother a pea on a Kindness Card ’cause he likes them. – Mitchell
 I picked up my friends lunchbox off the floor and put it back in his bag. – Zac
little-star I made my mum’s bed really fancy and cleaned her room. – 9 year old girl
 I made pancakes for mum and dad on the weekend.  I made my brother’s bed. – Max
 I gave my friend $5 when he lost his money at the spring fair. – Trent
little-star I mowed my neighbours front lawn and naturestrip.  I lent a ball to someone at school. – Max 
little-star My brother and I both got cricket bats for Christmas but my brother was sad because his was too big.
little-starI already had a good one, so I gave him mine. – Zac

Rock Collage
 I took a little girl who was hurt to the office. – Izabella
little-star We helped cook sausages, sell books and pack up at a fundraiser. – James, Lachie, Max & Zac
 I got the remote for my dad so he didn’t have to get up. – Hayden
 My friend dropped her pencils and I picked them up for her. – Tia  little-star I ran errands for my teacher. – Year 7 girl
little-star I gave my friend some of my really good football cards that he needed to complete his set. – Zac
 I helped my sister with her homework. – Ella  little-star I helped the principal with cleaning up the school. – Lachie
little-star I helped my teachers take down the posters. I bought clothes for the poor. – Pabalo
little-star I complimented my teacher and left a kindness card for her to pass on. – Kyeta
 I left a kindness card and a chocolate on my teacher’s desk. – Zac  little-star I tickled my mom’s back. – Kyeta
 I gave someone clothes and shoes for the kids she adopted. – Shannon
 I looked after a teacher’s dog while she was teaching. – Ashleigh  little-star I helped my grandma wash the dishes. – Natalie

Chalk Drawings
 I gave my bronze life saving medal to another girl, who was so sad she did not have one! – Kyeta
My mum and I took clothes we’d collected to a community meal for the homeless. – Max
 I helped my mom in the kitchen. – Courtney  little-star I returned a dog to it’s owner. – Year 7 girl
 I helped my seven year old cousin with his homework and read a story to him. – Tayla
 I took the dinner plates through to the kitchen without having to be asked. – Year 7 girl
 I walked a teacher up the stairs to cheer her up. – Fumni  little-star When it was cold I gave my jersey to Tay. – Andiswae
 I helped my mom when she was feeling sick and comforted my sister when she was scared. – Demi
little-star I found a man’s wallet and returned it to its owner. – Year 7 girl 
little-star I helped clean the tidal pool of all the litter – Year 7 girl
 I brought extra cut-out comic strips to school in case anyone forgot them for our lesson. – Year 7 girl



little-star Help out at home.  Carry something for someone when they need help. – Chloe
little-star Say thank you to someone when they play with you. – Tyler
little-star Make a cake for your parent’s birthday.  Lend someone your ball.
little-star Save up and take your parents out to dinner. – Max
little-star Compliment people on good things that they do.  little-star Help someone with their spelling.
little-star Help your teacher hand out notices. – Zac  
little-star Get someone a drink of water. – Ethan 
little-star Help someone ride their bike.  little-star Lend a pencil to someone.  little-star Share your toys.
little-star Help your friend with their homework. – Lochie
little-star Give your mum money for doing stuff for you. – Emily  little-star Let someone else go first. – Paige
little-star Hug people and make them feel happy when they are sad. – Year 4 girl
little-star Help with things mum and dad do like the dishes or setting the table. – Ebony
little-star Help raise money for charities, help with shopping and compliment other people. – Sydney
little-star Take the rubbish bins in for your neighbour.  little-star Make a cup of tea or coffee for your mum or dad.
little-star Help someone make friends.  little-star Feed the dog.  little-star Set the table.  little-star Ask if they want the mowing done.
 little-star Make someone’s bed.  little-star Say thank you and sorry.  little-star Help dad cook the barbeque. – Year 3 children
little-star Play with someone if they’re alone. – Year 4 boy  little-star Make your own lunch and pack your bag. – Taylah
little-star Be happy when you help out. – Aaron  little-star Water the plants around the house. – Tom
little-star Help out at home by cleaning, washing or even just place things in a neat way instead of just dumping it there. – Charlotte
little-star Invite someone over if they are bored at home. – Tamika  little-star Read to your brother. – Rose
little-star Help dad recover the furniture. – Taylah  little-star Feed the animals when it’s not your turn. – Shelby
little-star Make your mum breakfast. – Declan  little-star Help your mum put clothes on the washing line. – Tia
little-star Offer someone your chocolate from the advent calendar. – Monique




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