Kids Stories of Kindness


 I took clothes over to an orphanage in the Philippines. I had been there before and visited the children. When I was there I noticed they needed clothes so I decided to ask friends and family and took them over the second time I visited. – Julian, Year 6

 I helped my mum with the students at the Special School she works at. I helped at parties, reading books to them and pushing their wheelchairs around. I bought presents for them at their Birthdays, Easter and Christmas. – Chelsea, Year 6

 We contacted the local retirement village and got permission to write letters to some of the residents there.
We have received letters back and are working on developing a pen pal system with the year 2 class at school and the village.
The residents were very thankful for the letters. – Madi, Year 6 and Georgia, Year 2

 I helped my neighbour, Bailey, who has been sick and in hospital. We bought groceries for the family as they are finding it hard to purchase them while being at the hospital all the time. – Bailey, Year 4



 Today, a community member was crossing Portage Avenue on her way to the school at the end of the day. She told me she heard a student say “there’s only 15 seconds left – we don’t have time to cross” and saw him put out his arms to keep everyone behind him from crossing. The kids waited behind him and safely crossed the street when the light turned. She was impressed that the students took it upon himself to look out for his friends and other students. – from a teacher at George Waters Middle School

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 l painted a picture for the postal workers. It had a message on it thanking them for all of their hard work, especially over Christmas. I left it in the mailbox for them to find.
When mom and I went to a cafe, I saw their books were really old and tattered, so I decided to give them some of my old books I don’t read anymore. – Cal


 My son had Spring Fair at school. When I arrived to share the day with him and his older brother, he was distraught. He was convinced that someone had taken the money he’d worked so hard to save for the day and had tears rolling down his face. As I took him in my arms to comfort him, his friend who was standing with us reached out and handed him $5. Don’t worry, it’s okay he said, you can have some of mine.

 My six year old daughter just donated 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love. Her older sister has done it twice already and she was very excited to follow in her footsteps.

 My daughter Sabrina, a 7th grader had a sleep over this weekend. We (together) did several things to promote peace, friendship, and kindness. However, Sabrina stunned me, her friends and the workers in the mall where I took them after the sleep over. One girl Gwyna had only been in the mall a few times. She was excited by Build A Bear. We went on and shopped, but my daughter wanted to go back to Build A Bear. She insisted on Gwyna (age 13) getting her very FIRST and only Build A Bear. The girls put three hearts in the bear for the three of them and selected a BFF shirt for the bear to wear. My daughter paid with her own money. So awesome!!!!!!! Gwyna named her bear Snuggle Loves.


 My family and I went out for a game of squash today. On the way home, we saw the cutest little girls manning a lemonade stand outside their house. A big sign said “FREE LEMONADE”. My husband instinctively knew he had to stop the car and off I went with lollies and kids kindness cards. I told the girls how beautiful their stand was and what a wonderful job they were doing showing people how easy it is to be kind. I explained about the ripple effect of their kindness and gave them some kindness cards to hand out with their free lemonade. I also told them how incredibly proud I was of them and what gorgeous people they are. Their smiles were priceless and you could see how proud their parents were sitting a little away but within a safe distance to help out if needed.

 My son is 2 & 1/2. I took him for a haircut and when the lady across from us sneezed, he got off his chair, went over to her, put his hand on her back and said you ok? I almost fell out of my chair!  He already says bless you when I sneeze. – Renee 🙂

Malmsbury P.S. .
 We decided we could put a smile on people’s faces as they drove to work.
– Year 5 and 6 students from Malmsbury Primary School

 At a birthday party at the park, 5 year old Tyler is chatting to me. He looks up and sees his toddler sister sitting at the top of a very high slide. He calls to her to wait and runs smiling to have her slide down and catches her at the bottom. What a caring, sweet example of kindness. – Bryony x

 My nephew’s birthday party was held in a big park on the weekend. My boys, 12 and 14, were the eldest kids there and took it upon themselves to look after their cousins and the other kids, the eldest being my nephew at the ripe old age of 6. They spent hours running around with them, pushing them on their bikes, helping them with their food and watching them on the playground. My youngest son had bought a “vortex” (it looks a bit like a rocket and makes a whistling noise when you throw it) and a game started up among the older boys and the much older boys (the husbands). There was another party going on about 20 metres away with a lone child who watched the guys playing. My youngest son spotted him and encouraged him to come join them. The boys face lit up as he joined in and then followed my son like a puppy for the rest of the afternoon. When the party ended and we were leaving the park, the little boy was still hanging around, looking sad that we were going. My son chatted with him and gave him the vortex saying it had been fun playing with him. The little boy ran off in disbelief but soon returned with his mum who was trying to return the toy. “No, it’s okay, I have another one at home”, my son lied to assure the family he wanted their son to have his gift. – Lis 

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