Mom and I took an elderly lady we work for to a dental appointment. I considered letting mom go solo but changed my mind and I’m extra glad I did.

Upon walking in, there was a girl in the waiting room and I saw that she had lovely green nail polish which I have actually been looking for. I told her I loved her nails and had been looking for a color like that. She actually offered me the bottle which she had with her. Apparently, she didn’t like the way it looked on her. I thought it was so kind that she would make an offer like that to a stranger. I often use my nail color when paying tribute, and now can use this one! Makes me very happy that I went with mom and the lady we work for and also that I spoke up!

We interacted for probably less than a minute, literally, but it totally made me smile and feel extra grateful! I look forward to putting it on soon. – Susi

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