Dogs make our lives whole.
This morning, I was once again reminded that everything happens for a reason. For Christmas, my daughter gave me one of the Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul books. I have been reading it slowly, enjoying it immensely. It has made me laugh and cry. It is a book that I could see myself going back to and reading again. But, that isn’t going to happen.

Today, I took myself to breakfast (normally I just get my food to go) and I took along my book. I wasn’t going to bring it. I had almost finished it and I didn’t think there were enough pages to get me through my eggs. As I was heading out the door, I changed my mind and went back for the book. I sat down and as my waitress walked up to my table she gasped. She asked me about the book. Did I enjoy it? Where did I get it? I told her it was a gift and she asked if I could find out where my daughter bought it.

Then she told me about one of her regular diners and how today he seemed very sad. When she asked him about it, he told her that he was taking his dog, his best friend, to the vet today because it was time for him to make his journey across the Bridge. She wanted to buy him the book in the hopes that it would give him some peace. I asked her for a pen. She took my order, handed me her pen and walked away. Inside the book I wrote: “May this book bring you a little peace in this difficult time. And, may the soul of your sweet dog fly high!”. I signed it “someone who has been there”. Then I finished reading it while I ate my breakfast (there were just enough words to get me through a second cup of coffee).

When the waitress brought me my check, I handed her my book. I asked her to please give it to the gentleman the next time he came in for breakfast. Her eyes filled with tears and she gave me the biggest hug! Today the Bridge gains another angel. I only hope that his best friend can find some comfort in the words that are in that book. Fly high, sweet boy!! ~ Beth 


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