Love and KindnessI look back over my life and see so many acts of kindness I have been blessed to receive. One sticks out especially due to recent events. Let me lead this with the fact that the City of Miami gets a bad reputation way too often.

I had just moved to Miami and was on the 826 going home from work and got a flat tire. I went to get the spare tire but noticed the jack and tire iron were missing. I had forgotten to put them back after some repairs I did at home. I didn’t have a cell, so I started walking to the toll gate, hoping to use a phone to call a friend, when a car pulled over. I was surprised when a very sweet woman offered me a ride.

As she was taking me home, she explained that her sister, who has special needs, transportation bus had broken down a few weeks earlier and she was walking home by herself a few miles away when a stranger picked her up and got her home safely. She was grateful for this and wanted to pay back this kind act, and so, she stopped for me.

When we arrived at my house I hugged her and thanked her, then realized it did not seem like enough. I was wearing a crucifix necklace that a loved one gave to me and decided to give it to her as thanks.

I look at it this way, it’s been 13 years since she gave me a ride home and rescued me and I still haven’t forgotten her or her kind act.

I believe in my heart of hearts that she still has the necklace and hasn’t forgotten me, the guy who she rescued and her act of kindness. Point is we as humans do so many great and kind things and we forget them sometimes when the not so great things (mistakes, etc…) seem to overtake us.

My Dears, never forget the great things you do and are capable of even when life seems otherwise! – Lee 🙂

One Response to The guy she rescued.
  1. Wow, I started crying as I hit the response button.
    I, try to live my life in a Ripple of Kindness way, and it works, not always, but it works for me.
    And I love this site, for it’s …..
    Confirmation that it’s not just me, and I truely believe everyone has it in their heart.
    Sorry for typo’s tears,(of joy) not good on an iPad .
    That said, thanks Lee, and will share my own, after washing my face, lol


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