Isabelle-and-AidenI’m just so proud of my kids I wanted to share their RAOK.

They were getting a little bogged down by the presents they wanted for Christmas, so we had a big chat about the spirit of giving. On their own, they decided to bake cookies and give them out in our neighbourhood (even though we don’t know many people in the area!).

This is them, stocked up, ready to pound the pavement and spread some Christmas cheer! We got many smiles from strangers and the kids came home full to the brim of that real kind of happiness that comes from giving, not getting. – Rachel. 😀


Their note says: Isabelle and Aiden from number 6, wanted to something to share the spirit of giving at Christmas. They baked these cookies (with clean hands, under strict supervision!) and hope they can make some of our neighbours smile. 

Update: We just got home to a HUGE parcel on the doorstep. One of the families who got a parcel of cookies were so grateful they bought the kids a Gingerbread House Kit so they can keep baking over the holidays – how sweet!!

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