As a full-time hypnotherapist, I have many clients that come and go through my doors, but there is one client, Liliana, who I will certainly never forget.

In about 2010 Liliana came to me for a few sessions and we became friends. After knowing her as a client for only a few months and as a friend even less, I mentioned to Liliana that I would love to go see my mother in South Africa, but that as a single mother I would have to take my two sons with me, and three tickets at that stage was just too expensive.

The very next day she gave me the news that her husband Keith had used his air miles to get tickets for myself and both my sons! At this stage I had only met her husband twice, and very briefly. I was so overwhelmed by their generosity, especially as they were embarrassed by any thanks or gratitude. Liliana said the important thing was that my mother was visited by her family, not where the tickets came from.

It’s impossible to fully express gratitude when generosity is so huge, but if this story ever gets read by Liliana and Keith, who now live in Spain, please know that your amazing kindness will be something that is forever treasured by me and my boys. – Caryl ❤

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