“Ripple” is a community project and a heart-centred primary school curriculum providing education, information and inspiration to people in all walks of life.

Our inspiration for creating a kindness project

As each generation appears to becoming less compassionate and more disconnected than the last, we feel it has significantly impacted on people’s emotional and mental health.

Fearing a less positive future is awaiting our children, we feel we have an obligation to find ways of encouraging more happiness and positive growth around us.

Why kindness?

We know that kindness underpins all good values. Kindness is caring, and that’s what must find its way back into people’s hearts.

We want people to experience for themselves, the impact they can have when they are kind to a loved one, friend or stranger. We want to inspire people to reach out a hand in friendship, not because they expect a good deed to be returned, but because it’s a kind and natural thing to do.

We may never know the impact our good deed can have but the sense of pride and feel-good emotions we experience, makes it so worthwhile.

When we put a smile on someone else’s face, we put one in our own heart and these positive feelings are what helps change the way we think, feel and behave.

Girls holding hands

Countless studies and overwhelming evidence supports our belief that kindness can change the way a person feels, the course of their day and in the right doses, and at the right time… even their life!

Feeling good about ourselves cultivates the positive outlook we all need to enjoy happy and successful lives and kindness can be a solution to so many challenges people face each day.

With this in mind, the essence of Ripple Kindness Project is to provide opportunities, information, resources and education to assist people everywhere in experiencing the magic this good old fashioned value holds. We are passionate about teaching children to be givers in a world where they’re often conditioned to take.

Our greatest wish is to create a more inclusive world by touching spirits with altruism and inspiring kinder thoughts, words and actions that lift levels of caring and compassion to new heights.

We’re particularly passionate about promoting kindness in schools, as it has the potential to change cultures and is a long-term solution to the bullying epidemic we’re currently facing.

Ripple Kindness Project for Schools

Boys overhead shot

 Our on-going curriculum educates and inspires the hearts and minds of young people by cultivating kindness, generosity, respect, compassion, responsibility, positivity, resilience, love and a sense of belonging.

When fostering a positive outlook at an early age, we can often avoid the destructive mindset that can manifest in teenage years when many seem to catch the “it’s all about me” virus. And so kindness is a natural solution to one of our most threatening social issues… bullying and exclusion.

Children receive a daily dose of kindness through our on-going whole school SEL curriculum. Promoting the positive values that may not always be taught in the home, school becomes a place where kindness flourishes, children find their way and strong foundations are formed.

Community Project

Voucher & Kindness Card

Ripple’s community component is a movement that encourages people to embrace kindness as a natural part of life.

We provide FREE Ripple Kindness Cards to community groups, charitable organizations, businesses and individuals as a reminder to “pay it forward” to others and start ripples of kindness that touch lives and promote love, hope and peace.


As we are a self-funded project not accepting donations, we rely on earning an income through our Etsy store, affiliate links and advertising throughout the website.