I gave away some bedroom furniture to several people needing a dresser or nightstand etc., so I could make room for stuff I have in storage.

One lady picked up a long dresser yesterday and we managed to get it in her van. I commented that since it fit in her van that the smaller dresser that belonged to my mom that I still have to get out of storage would fit in the cargo vans you can rent. She said don’t rent a van, I’ll come back tomorrow and we’ll bring it over here. True to her word, she came tonight and we went to get my mom’s bedroom furniture.

I’m so excited to have my nephew help move it from the garage into our house on Saturday!! That was a great thing for her to do and she drove an hour to do it too. I offered her money for gas, but she said I helped her by giving her a nice dresser, headboard and nightstand that she really needed, so she was delighted to be able to help me too. – Kim 😀

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