Karma, do something good..
The following story is proof what goes around comes around.

I was at the book fair with my son. We were behind two brothers waiting to be checked out. They each had two books.

The first one’s total was $15 and he was $5 short. Without thinking, the second brother gave him $5 so he could get his books. The second brother checks out. His total was $10 and what do you know, he didn’t have enough. Not only had he given $5 away, but he lost his other $5 (leaving him with $3. Not enough to get anything) so as he went looking for the money he dropped, I told the lady to just add his books to my total. Instant karma for his good deed to his brother. Then my son, my husband and I go home and a friend had bought the entire family dinner. Instant karma for my good deed as well. It was an awesome day. – Mary  😀 

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