Rules for doing good.
Me and my three year old son were in line at Safeway buying a few items. We went to this store because we had to buy some boots for his fathers new job next door.

I let the man behind me in the queue go in front because he only had two items. He was very happy and said thank you so much. I was very touched when he left the cashier money to pay for my food. She was confused, but gave me the “Ripple Kindness Card” he had left with her to give to me. I tried looking for him but it was as if he disappeared. I could hardly hold in my tears and when I came out to meet my spouse, I broke down crying. We had gone to that store to try and cash in an old gift card so we could pay for work boots, but it wasn’t working. I felt like that man’s actions were such a blessing and cried because things haven’t ever come to me like that. It’s so nice to know that there are still people with good hearts.

I have always tried to give back to people in need. But never expected a person to do that for me. Incredible! I now want to do much more. Thank you to that man who helped me in many ways. – Carmen 🙂

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