It was a sunny day. I was walking in one of the sectors more dangerous in Bogota, the Jimenez Avenue. There inhabit indigent people. They did not have covers, not even the basic needs such as a home for living, a dish with food, etc. Besides, their rights had been violated because the policemen were going for this avenue and they saw to the indigents lying down in the street and began to hit them.

But while I was walking, I could see to the far, one man that was surrounded by a lot of indigents, so I felt curiosity and I went to see, I thought “what was happening here?” At the time, I could see that he was a common man, he was carrying a full pot of food, in his hands some dishes and he was serving the nutrients that indigents wanted so much. This man was serving the first dish of food and already he was surrounded by more than thirty people.

This act was touching. He kindly distributed this food, generating in the indigents a warm sensation, satisfying a vital need to feed. I thought this man had distributed strongly until it was over, but the people hugged him and demonstrated their gratitude. These kinds of people have been forgotten by society, but the human that remember them and his initiative are life example for everyone. – Lina Maria

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