I have cancer but it’s curable. Even being curable, it’s sometimes a little hard and daunting.
I was going to Walmart one night and had parked and struggled to get out of my car. Then I hobbled across the street to the entrance. A man stopped me and said “it will get better. You can do this”. I started to cry and he hugged me. I’ll never forget his kindness. – Kemi 
My sweet friend babysat my 1-year-old every Monday morning since Summer term so that I could volunteer in my 7-year-olds class. – Bryony

A family took me in when I was living in my storage unit after my abuser tried to kill me and sold our home out from under me. Now I have a roof over my head and am in law school. God IS Good! – Rebecca
Had another fun day bell ringing for the Salvation Army and I had an unexpected surprise. A woman was donating to the red kettle and I told her how much I liked her scarf. She said she makes them, then took the scarf off and gave it to me! Her generosity and kindness was inspiring and humbling. It was “A Wonderful Life” moment!” – Jane

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