What you do makes a difference.
I was struggling to purchase a few needed items at the Winn-Dixie Store in Eustis, Fl.

I had only $20.00 to my name. After she added up my bill, I told the cashier that I would need to remove an item to make it come under the $20.00, because that was all I had. The man behind me said, “here let me pay the difference” and I said “are u sure?” I will take your number, call you and go pay you back.

He looked up to the ceiling saying “thank you Lord for the opportunity to help this lady and you know I am not a generous person”. As I left the store he said God bless you and pay it forward. I couldn’t stop crying from this man’s honesty and his helpfulness. It made me feel like someone cared about me and I was not alone. – Lori 

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