I had just sat down at the breakfast counter at the local Mom-and-Pop diner when a woman of perhaps 60 years took the seat next to me. Almost immediately her cell phone rang, and she began talking to someone who was obviously distraught. She kept trying to reassure the person that everything was going to be all right, she was just getting something to eat and she’d be on the road right away. She ended the conversation with, “See you in about 8 hours” and broke the connection with a sigh.

She devoured her breakfast much too quickly to enjoy it and gulped down her coffee. Now, I’m no Einstein but I could see that she wasn’t too happy about the long drive ahead, and suddenly the Ripple Kindness Cards in my wallet started sending me signals. While her head was turned, I reached out and snatched the bill for her meal from in front of her and placed it underneath mine. She turned back and said to me, “Did you take my bill?” Through a mouthful of hash browns, I answered, “Maybe…” I tried to muster an impish grin, but as I am also somewhat north of 60 years, I’m certain that “impish” has long ceased to be associated with my looks in any way. Besides, I had a smear of ketchup in my beard (which I didn’t discover until I got back in my truck).

Anyway, she thanked me for my kind act, and I handed her one of the Ripple Kindness Cards. She still had an 8-hour drive ahead and who knows WHAT was waiting at the other end of it, but at least she left with a smile. – Keith

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