KindnessHampersMy kids and I sat round in a circle making kindness hampers. We talked about why we were including each item and how it would feel to receive one of the hampers? I gave each of them a hamper to give to someone. Chris 12, gave his to his girlfriend, Kim 8, to a teacher who had a broken arm, Sam 14, to his Aunty who does a lot for my kids, and Will 10, the lady down the road who’s always sad. Oh, so very pleasing as these kindness hampers have so much love because of how they were put together! – Amanda

One Response to Our kindness hampers.
  1. I’m from the US, could you explain a little bit more exactly what makes up a kindness hamper? I think the difference in geographical terminology ie; the term , “hamper” is maybe what leaves the description a little “fuzzy” to me. 🙂 It sounds lovely with whatever it’s comprised of!


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