While caring for my ill father recently, I saw a man picking up cans from the side of the road whilst I was doing errands. Over the weeks, I began to notice that the people who live along this road were putting out cans for him at the end of their driveways every few days. He must have a specific schedule along this one stretch of road, because I was out most every day but only saw bags of cans for him every 2 or 3 days. This man walks miles and miles.

It is so nice to see that those in the area help support him by leaving cans for him to recycle and get $. – Kim 😀


I did a good deed today while at my doctor’s office building.

A handicapped woman was sitting in her wheelchair waiting for her ride and I started a conversation with her. Asked her if she was waiting for her ride by herself and she answered “yes”. She also told me it will be a long wait and she hoped they knew she was there and would eventually pick her up. I then asked her if she had a phone number to call for a ride and she said “yes, but don’t have a phone”, I gave her mine to use.

She got a hold of someone and I waited with her until they arrived to pick her up! She thanked me, I hugged her and she wished me a happy day. I walked to my car in tears, because there is so much hate in this country. Got to my car, took a deep breath and drove home. – Judy ❤

Be a ray of sunshine in someone's cloudy day

I had surgery and when came home I was surprised to see my friend Ann and her niece had painted my bedroom and made beautiful window coverings. It made me so happy… It was so cheerful to heal in and feel loved by their kindness. – Rhonda ?


I made a cashier smile, the same one that helped me awhile back. I went through her checkout at rush hour today. She was glad to see me and we talked and I saw my Starbucks card sticking out of my wallet. It had $4 left on it. She was coughing and said she wasn’t feeling well. After she was finishing with my bill, I handed the card to her and told her to get herself a cup of tea on her break. She smiled and giggled and said it was just a nice thing to do. I said I will never forget your kindness. Pay it forward and we wished each other a good evening and I left feel great. – Rayne ?

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