I saw a young man hitchhiking this week. It was bitterly cold and the road he was on was many miles away from anything. I stopped. I warned him not to harm me, or he would be sorry, LOL.

Anyway, he was going near where I was headed. We had to drive for about 20 minutes and had a lovely conversation. I gave him some advice on employment as he had just gotten a four year degree. He seemed very grateful, especially when I drove out of my way to bring him right to his destination. As he was getting out of my jeep, he asked me, “Why did you pick me up?” I told him when I was much younger I hitchhiked to get to a job. Then he said, “I don’t have any money or anything to give you to pay you.” I laughed and said “Kindness. Pay it forward.” “Oh, that’s cool lady! I’ll do it, he said.” And I bet he will.

Please no negative comments about the danger I put myself in. I had a gut feeling about him, and I do know how to protect myself. – Diana 😀

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