One very cold afternoon I was with my sister and my cousins, playing hide and seek where my grandmother lives. She lives in a quiet place full of nature. During a moment of the game, I hid behind some old tires and heard a strange noise. It was as if someone was crying. I went to look and saw that behind the rims were 6 newborn puppies. There were two females and four males. They were with their mom and she really looked very bad, so I ran and called quickly to my sister and a cousin to come see. 

We found it very sad to see them because they were trembling from the cold. With all this, we decided to make a house for them. Each of us got boards and other materials with which we could use to build a house. We managed to collect good materials that we had at home and did not use, such as tables, pieces of tile and even a blanket. After a hard job, we managed to build a small house for the dogs, which would protect them from the rain and cold.

As the days went by they all looked better, especially the mother. – Valentina

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