I used to take the old ladies next door grocery shopping sometimes, and sometimes I helped carry their food up the front steps, but sometimes I just wasn’t “up to it” with all my own bags. read more →

We received two lovely messages why two of the Random Acts of Kindness we’d given had meant so much. read more →

Years ago when my children were 2 years old and 6 months old, I headed to Costco for diapers. I got up to the register put both boxes of diapers on the conveyor belt and opened my purse to retrieve my wallet. To my horror, I had left my wallet at home. I was absolutely mortified!! read more →

This summer, when my husband Mike died suddenly, I was left in upstate NY with a pickup, travel trailer, and car. I managed to get to a campground near my sister’s place and spent the summer there.

With so much to do and so many decisions to make, I was not “rowing with both oars”, as you can imagine. I somehow lost my full set of keys. I grabbed Mike’s key and left, assuming I’d find my set in the camper later. I looked for days and finally replaced them. read more →

Right place to help.
One day I was in Newton Center, MA at just the moment a young woman, carrying a not to tightly bound sheaf of dollar bills, was pushed by the wind and somehow let go of them. No doubt she was en route to the local bank to make a deposit for a local business. I was the only one there to see this and the bills were flying everywhere, like so many birds in flight. read more →

My daughter Leigh teaches 2nd grade and she heard that school classrooms across the nation are making paper snowflakes to send to the school in Newtown, that will become the new school for the students who went to SandyHook. They will be hung throughout the “new” school to make it look like a Winter wonderland when the children return back to class. Yesterday, Leigh’s class made 30 beautiful snowflakes, some of which are “angels”. Students in her school made 100 snowflakes, some of which have small notes of encouragement 🙂 – Lindsay