In the classroom of the Little Fish (2 years old) of Colégio Oceanus, this year we live in an atmosphere of Kindness. Bearing in mind the idea that the first years of life are essential in the development of the personality and in the internalization of values, this year we started a project in which children are encouraged to be kind, friendly, generous, and are valued, praised for these attitudes.

We started with the story “Have you filled your bucket today?” and, after the construction of the anthem, Kindness became a natural thing, inherent in everyday life. In the room, there is a Kindness tree, whose branches are filled with a heart-shaped leaf for every act of kindness. We also have the buckets, which are filled up according to good attitudes. read more →

I looked at their grocery basket and could see it had the basics. Just what would get them by until payday. I recognized it after having been that way myself in my younger days. I remember the heartbreak of knowing my kids wanted an occasional treat we could not afford, so I told the clerk at Walmart to put her cart on my card. read more →

On a cold Friday evening, I was dropping my son at basketball training, when I spotted this couple with luggage. They were stopping every couple of steps and the man was more or less carrying the woman. read more →

Previously I have worked at a large local Autism center. Individuals come from near and far to get services for their children due to the center being the only one in the region. I’m sure you can imagine that the waiting list is extensive to receive services in any program at the center. read more →

As a family, we have made it a bit of a tradition that at Christmas time we do a secret Santa with a little bit of a twist.

Often it will be that we have heard of someone in the community that is going through a rough patch or hard time. Maybe they are currently unemployed, or they are going through some sort of sickness in the family or the loss of a loved one. read more →

I was having a bad day yesterday. I started off feeling melancholy, which then turned to real sadness… loneliness… feelings of guilt and disappointment in myself. I tried talking myself out of it as I’m usually very positive and living in the moment, enjoying life in each minute, but yesterday, I was failing myself.
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A few years back I was having flowers delivered to my office every single day for a whole month from a secret admirer. It got to a point that my office started looking like a wake. I was sharing the flowers with everyone in my office because I didn’t know what else to do with them. read more →

While caring for my ill father recently, I saw a man picking up cans from the side of the road whilst I was doing errands. Over the weeks, I began to notice that the people who live along this road were putting out cans for him at the end of their driveways every few days. He must have a specific schedule along this one stretch of road, because I was out most every day but only saw bags of cans for him every 2 or 3 days. This man walks miles and miles. read more →

So I work at an autopart store and today I had the most amazing thing happen.

So this old lady comes in and I greet her and ask if she needs any help. Well her car battery turned out to be bad and she needed a new one. So I looked it up and it cost $110 after turning in her old one. She agrees and I go grab it, I ring it up and with the $15 core charge it comes out to around $136. She slides her debit card and it gets declined. She kind of sighs and she gets out her credit card and it is declined again.

I can see she is almost in tears so I decide to remove the core charge in good faith that she will bring the old battery in and I take 10% off the purchase. She is very thankful and we try to slide her card again and its declined. Now I’m feeling very bad. read more →

I went into the local Lifeline shop yesterday to get some clothes for my young children.

I saw a man there with some children’s books under his arm and he was looking at some kitchen items. Most items in the shop are between $1-5. He kept returning to this one particular kitchen item and I thought he must be deciding between it and the books. read more →

Some children spend more of their time awake at school than they do in their own homes. That’s a big thing when you’re still growing and learning. It’s a big thing too for parents to entrust their precious ones to others, sometimes strangers, during these vital years. Especially as much of a child’s developing personality and morals can be so easily influenced by those around them.

During the early years of my own children’s education, I worried about the role models they would encounter at school. It concerned me that my hard work instilling good values may be lost if character education wasn’t a priority in the classroom.

Fortunately, these days, educators are more aware of the need to prioritize social and emotional learning at school. They realize the important role that kindness and empathy have in nurturing happiness and self-esteem.

“It’s no secret that kindness sparks kindness. The secret is that kindness takes wings when it is modeled and taught with passion and purpose. When we intentionally help and encourage our students to put kindness into action through their thoughts, words, and deeds, then the world will truly be a gentler, more peaceful place. Simply put, we’ll be better.

Girls holding handsKindness in schools can look like a smile, feel like a hug, sound like a sweet greeting or a sincere compliment. A genuine inquiry about how someone is doing can mean so much. And when we have created that climate of kindness and caring inside our school walls, the natural next step is to take it home to our families, out into our community and then beyond our borders into our global world. And when kindness ripples, prepare to bathe in a tsunami of goodness.”

Barbara Gruener, Counsellor, Westwood-Bales Elementary, Friendswood, Texas, USA read more →

I gave a lady a ride home to get her extra set of car keys as she’d locked them in her car and waited to take her back to her car. As we talked, we worked out that I know her son. What a great feeling to help. Made my day. – Rena 😀

A coworker put a card in my mailbox after I had a rough week. It made my day. – Lisa 🙂 read more →