I went to a park and lost 4 pendants with my husband’s name, my name and my 2 boys. My family had bought them for me as a 1-year anniversary present and I was devastated. read more →

This morning my young son (21) took me out to breakfast. There was an elderly couple at the next table. She was very solicitous of her husband and it was obvious that they cared deeply for each other. They smiled at us and waved to my little granddaughter. read more →

I went to Comic Con last weekend and had a photo opportunity with an amazing (and gorgeous) Canadian actor. When I walked in the booth he grabbed me, pulled me into a giant hug and told me that I’m beautiful (not in a creepy way… he was very sincere). read more →

I have always believed in the joy of giving and that simple acts of compassion are the core of our humanity. I like the idea of spreading love and hope through random acts of kindness, it fills my heart with joy to be able to serve others and share small gifts with loved ones.

Sometimes small things that we do for others seem insignificant but can make such a positive difference. It can create a real impact in the lives of others.

I never expected that I would one day be the recipient of an act of kindness like this one that I received from a stranger recently. read more →

The most beautiful thing happened today in my presence so I thought I’d tell you all about it.

I had a dear old little lady (would have roughly been in her 80’s) come into the shop looking for a beanie to keep her head warm. We have a few different types and after trying a few on she really liked a pink one which was priced at $15. I told her she looked very pretty in pink and that I liked the look of it on her and she agreed with me once I showed her in the mirror 😛 , but she was unsure as she said she might not be able to afford it. read more →

Missing someone.
One precious Mother’s Day my beautiful niece, Louise Elizabeth wished me Happy Mother’s Day – she’d kept her Christmas cracker gift, a pink plastic heart.

Louise tied a pink string around it and tied it around my neck….

I explained to Louise that because I didn’t have children I don’t get wished or given Happy Mother’s Day’s gifts – Louise wrapped her darling little arms around me and squeezed me really tight and said that I was like her second mum and she loved me with All her Heart. read more →

Missing youAs a divorced Dad, I was collecting my 7 year old daughter from school for our weekly afternoon together. These afternoons I’d pick her up from school, go to horse riding lessons and then onto our local favourite place for waffles and ice cream before taking her back to her mother.

This day, she approached the car crying, her little cheeks showing the brown marks where the tears had been running. I jumped out and asked her what happened? Daddy, can we please go to Amor (her horse) first, I will tell you on the way. I tried again to find out what was wrong, but she refused to tell me till we were driving. read more →

Kindness does matter.
Long story cut short… back in 2007 I was doing the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and went out to dinner with my wife in this gorgeous little seaside town (Apollo Bay I think it was) and during our meal I noticed this lovely older couple enjoying each others’ company whilst dining out also. We were the only two couples in this quaint little restaurant this particular evening and it was wonderful.

Anyway, I went up to pay for our meal and decided to ask the teenage girl at the till if she could sort the bill for the other people as well as I wanted to pay for their meal. read more →

Today I met a beautiful Italian man while I was waiting for a bus outside of the shopping centre. He stopped to talk to my 2-year-old and then chatted with me. He told my daughter that she was beautiful, just like her Mummy, but it didn’t stop there. Everyone that walked passed he would say hello and give them a compliment. He made me smile, as today I met a rare ray of sunshine. – Lami

BirthdayGiftMy beautiful daughter’s birthday was approaching and I was strapped for cash that week. Worrying that I wouldn’t get paid enough to pick up the layby I had her gifts in, I was scribbling out sums to see if I could get her layby and everything else needed one evening. The next morning, I found she had written this at the bottom of my note! – Michelle




My husband had been working out of the country for 3 months and we had our first anniversary apart. I woke that morning to the kids “happy anniversary” with a card that had $50 in it. The messages were beautiful “sorry dad can’t be here but we will take you out for tea to celebrate”. Such beautiful thoughtful kids made the day that I was a little sad about a really happy one. – Kim

I thought of all of my friends at Ripple Kindness today.

I was at the cemetery decorating the graves of my loved ones. We had so many extra flowers so I decided with the help of my daughter to decorate some of the other graves that had no flowers. We tidied up the headstones, pulled some weeds, and put some flowers on the graves. They all looked so beautiful and it was done for you my buddies at Ripple Kindness. You make me want to do better everyday, and just because Im 88 years old, doesn’t mean I still can’t pay if forward for a few more years! – Barbara