My sister-in-law used her miles to get me a hotel room the night before an early am flight. She arranged a shuttle service to pick me up and bring me home (an hour away from the airport). All of this to bring me to Hawaii to celebrate my brothers 70th birthday and meet my newborn great nephew. Talk about kindness! Knowing I am on restricted foods, she even asked for a shopping list. A hell of a two-week stay! Aloha. – Carol

My 20th birthday did not start out very well. It was exam week at my university, so all of my friends were busy studying. I lived a 10-hour flight away from my family, so I felt upset and alone the entire morning. read more →

This past week was M’s birthday. When friends or family members ask me what she wants for her birthday, my answer is usually, “Time”.

This year, M asked us to play at her favorite playground. She asked us to go swimming at the local indoor pool. She asked to share a pizza with her grandparents and to make enchiladas and ice cream cake with a few of her friends from school. And that…was it! No toys. No gadgets. No themed, decorated party with an agenda and entertainment. Just time with friends and family. read more →

Things you do for others live on.
Last year, I started a tradition of GIVING – through acts of service or giving gifts of love to others on my birthday.

I was inspired by a 30 year old memory of my late grand uncle (he was my mother’s uncle) who had taught me an important lesson about giving when I was 6 years old.

It was my brother’s birthday and my grand uncle had attended his party. When he arrived, grand uncle handed me a nicely wrapped present. I was confused and  thought he had mistaken my brother’s birthday for mine, so I told politely declined. read more →

newspaper kindnessThis month of September, my mom is turning 80. My brother’s birthday is this month also. And my Dad’s birthday, on Sep 7, he will be spending in Heaven.

I am performing a Random Act of Kindness every day for the month of September.

On Sep 1, I placed a plaque with a lovely saying along with your Ripple Kindness Card in a newspaper vending machine. – Camille  🙂

Positive Thoughts.
There are a few of ladies behind the counter I usually have a bit of a chat to at the post office. One young lady is particularly chatty and always says hello to my kids and tells them how much they’ve grown (which they like because they consider themselves small in relation to their friends).

This one particular day, she looked really burdened, so I chatted a little longer and asked her what she was doing on the weekend. She told me about a friend who was in hospital as a tree had fallen on his car during a recent storm. “His arm is a mess”, she told me “and there’s a good chance he’ll lose it.” It’s his wife’s birthday in a few days and he’s stressing about it because he can’t do anything, so I’m going in to see what he wants to get her and go purchase it for him. read more →

Pay an act of kindness forward.
Tomorrow I turn 55 but I have already given myself the best gift … I accomplished my goal of doing 55 Random Acts of Kindness in the 55 days before my 55th birthday! It was such fun and I really enjoyed seeing the smiles on people’s faces.

I am on a pension so I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things I wanted but I did achieve a lot. read more →

AOK Heart Magnet.
At my baby shower I made birthday cards and handed them out to people (family got the significant years like 18 & 21). Every year on my daughter’s birthday, she receives a card that was written to her before she was born.

She lost 3 grandparents before she turned 2 and she has cards from all of them to open on her future birthdays. She will receive one on her 21st from my mum who passed away when she was 10 months old and my dad who passed away when she was just 1 year old. A beautiful gift from special people that will mean the word to her. – Tracey

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Years ago I was going through a divorce and it was my oldest daughter’s birthday. We went out to eat at a Chili’s and when I went to pay, the server said that a gentleman had seen us celebrating and had paid $20 on our bill!! It really lifted my spirits.

Now I like to anonymously do that for others, especially our service men and women!! – Janice 🙂

I think the biggest most unbelievable act of kindness that saved us was when an acquaintance that we had known for years, but not well (their daughter was in preschool with our daughter). They knew we were struggling, had lost our business/home/cars etc. She walked up at the school open house and handed me an envelope. read more →

A young lad wanted to buy his mum a box of chocolates for her birthday. The chocolates were $10 more than he had. I paid the lot for him and told him to buy his mum a nice card to go with it. I saw them a few days later and the mum thanked me and wanted to repay me. I said no, I was happy to help the young lad. As they say, what goes around, comes around. – Dorothy 🙂

We are expats living in the Middle East, and we often go past a dirt lot where the local kids play football.

My girls and I were buying a foot ball for her friends birthday, and we thought hey, lets buy an extra one for the kids. When we drove past and threw it too them, they could not believe it. They were so polite and said in English, Thank you! It thrilled my girls, and they look each time to see if they are playing with the football when we drive past. Felt like it was us who received the gift. – Bushra 🙂