On a home schooling trip with my kids, a young man who was a complete stranger commented on the relationship and interaction between the three of us and ‘what a good job I was doing’. read more →

I was taking a train and bus home from work and I had finished slightly later than normal and unfortunately, missed my usual bus. I caught the next one into my suburb but hadn’t realised that it didn’t go down the main road as the other one did. read more →

Saw a great act of kindness and a pleasant surprise on one of my bus runs today. An elderly gent boarded my bus and asked how much a daily ticket was and when I told him he sighed and replied he could only afford a one way ticket. Before I could be ADORK (A Deliverer Of Random Acts of Kindness), a young girl in her early teens jumped up and said she’d pay the difference! The old gent looked very touched and smiled as he said his thanks, then to my surprise she proudly pointed at a smiley badge on her top and said “No worries, I’m ADORK”. read more →

My story.
In 2008 my daughter and I had to go out of town for a doctor’s appointment. We were up before the birds and on a bus before the sun was up. I had been so worried we would miss the bus I didn’t even bother with coffee that morning. When we entered the building that housed the doctor I was seeing, the most wonderful aroma met us, mmmm coffee. I approached the kiosk and was told in a short snapping impatient tone the coffee wasn’t ready!! read more →

When I moved from Tasmania and flew in to Brisbane to catch a bus to central NSW, it turned out my purse got pick pocketed at the bus terminal and I only realized as I was on the bus hours into the journey.  read more →

When I was in the 5th grade, I missed the bus and had to walk to school by myself. My first time and I was terrified, even though it was probably only 8 blocks from the school. So I did what any kid would probably do in my situation… I coaxed my old dog, who had to have been 13 years old, to walk with me which she did and it totally took my mind off of being alone and scared. She was the greatest dog and went with me everywhere including every paper route, so I never had to walk alone even then. read more →