My sister-in-law used her miles to get me a hotel room the night before an early am flight. She arranged a shuttle service to pick me up and bring me home (an hour away from the airport). All of this to bring me to Hawaii to celebrate my brothers 70th birthday and meet my newborn great nephew. Talk about kindness! Knowing I am on restricted foods, she even asked for a shopping list. A hell of a two-week stay! Aloha. – Carol

Two weeks ago, I was out for an early supper with my son. The people at the next table arrived and we learned that they were celebration their anniversary. I paid for a bottle of champagne for them as we left.  read more →

My husband had been working out of the country for 3 months and we had our first anniversary apart. I woke that morning to the kids “happy anniversary” with a card that had $50 in it. The messages were beautiful “sorry dad can’t be here but we will take you out for tea to celebrate”. Such beautiful thoughtful kids made the day that I was a little sad about a really happy one. – Kim