Many years ago my car broke down after a very stressful day of substitute teaching and I was barely able to pull into the parking lot of a Mormon church. read more →

We learned in church of a family whose entire house had just burned down just before Christmas.  read more →

10 years ago today, I was spending my first day alone while the rest of my family was traveling out of state. I was 22 but still very nervous about it. That afternoon I got a call that just totally changed my day and has stuck with me ever since! read more →

Ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to be the Administrative Assistant at a local church.

When I had started to attend years before, a friend would pick me and another older lady up and drive us to church every Sunday. I learned this older lady used to be the Administrative Assistant to the previous pastor. So almost every Sunday, the drive would be a terrible trip as we would listen to how this “new” (almost 20 years experience!) pastor was horrible, the church was unorganized, etc. Finally, it was enough! I yelled at God… either let me help her or shut her up!!
So now, years later, in the same job that she was in, I immediately remembered her, and thought…I’m gonna kill this woman with kindness if it kills me first! read more →

I work at Dollar Tree and we have been asking customers if they would be interested in purchasing school supplies for our local schools for just a dollar. Lots of people have their reasons why they can’t donate, like, “I already give to our church” or, “I am sick of being asked for my money”. read more →

The help you give.
When I first left my husband with my two kids 4 & 2, we moved into city housing.

Every Saturday I bought ice-cream from the truck that came round. Apartment kids started hanging around using my kiddie pool, sprinkler and games, so I started buying for them too. Word got around and I soon had 17 kids hanging around. They named my house the “after school clubhouse”. I bought juice snacks, board games and arts and crafts, and of course Saturday ice-cream. read more →

Smile Magnet.
There is so much in the news about the bad kids and not enough about the good kids.

I want to tell you what happened to my grandsons due to their kindness to elderly people.

During “Children’s Moment” at church on Sunday, our Children’s Minister told the kids that when he was in the grocery store one day, he saw an elderly woman standing alone. She was waiting for the sales clerk to notice her. The minister walked up to her and said, “Hello, I hope you have a nice day.” Then the lady ran after him and said, “Young man! Thank you for speaking to me. No one ever speaks to me. I am old and people just don’t notice me.” read more →

Discover our light.
On New Year’s Day in 2011, I stopped in at a Catholic church in San Antonio. I was just sitting in a pew reflecting on who I am and what I believe, when I saw a young man walk up the main aisle and take his place in an empty pew nearer to the front.

It soon became clear that he was crying. After a bit, I got up and walked over to him and asked him if he needed a hug. He said, “Yes ma’am. I sure do.” I hugged him, told him it would be ok, then headed back down the aisle. On my way out of the church I burst into tears. I waited outside for a bit (the friend I was traveling with was still in the church), and then I headed back in. read more →

I hope I am not tooting my own horn here, but really I am, I cannot help it, I feel so good.

I have been doing the PIF thing religiously since joining Ripple Kindness Project. I always did it before, just not as much.  read more →

Last summer we had a friend who needed repairs to her van and couldn’t afford to pay for them. She is a young mother of four children and her husband is in jail. Her parents are living with her and her mom is dying from chronic COPD. We arranged for a man we go to church with and my husband to install a new power steering pump on her van with the agreement that they wanted nothing for the work. Turns out, it ended up being a tougher job than they anticipated. The first three they put in were no good, but the fourth time was a keeper. We also put a part on her front axle that had to do with the steering. It was leaking power steering fluid VERY badly, but is doing much better now. – Leanna

Anything is possibleWOW! I haven’t even begun this project, just planning with the smile stones and making them and already good things are happening to me. First a nice young man helped me with my garbage and shoveled the walk, whom I have never seen before.

I went to the vet on Thursday and she said “I just want you to know that I enjoy it when you come in, it’s such a pleasure. I don’t know why I want to tell you that but I feel like doing so. And I really enjoy taking care of your cats.”

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