I am crazy about kindness. Sharing it, spreading it, promoting it, talking about it, practicing it, blogging about it, teaching it, quoting it, buying t-shirts about it… crazy. about. kindness.

I am SO crazy about it that I felt the need to come up with a unique way to share this passion with my students and to practice kindness in a way that they would remember forever. I wanted to not only read cutesy little books about being kind (even though one of my favourite books is “What Does it Mean to Be Kind”) or practice kindness within the fours walls of our classroom (our number one rule in the class is “Be Kind”) or watch videos about examples of kindness (even though I always love me a good ugly cry kindness story on Ellen…). I wanted to LIVE kindness in our community. I wanted people to think about kindness and associate it with my kiddos and be hopeful that a bunch of 4, 5 and 6-year-olds could change the world. I wanted my learners to know that there are some lessons that aren’t in the curriculum but that will be important to them for the rest of their lives. From that place, Kindness Capes (#kindnesscapes) was born. read more →

I was in the grocery store the other day and there is a big brand coffee shop you have to walk by to get to the store. As I was walking past, I heard a lady saying her mother was ill and she wanted to take her a treat. She was counting coins to get to her $5.14 total. read more →

For a beautiful mind.
I go to many self help meetings and frequent some more than others. Having recently graduated from college as a support counselor, I listen to many people for nothing, just to let them talk.

One afternoon after a meeting, I met an occasional friend. I had taken him for coffee once, and said ‘lets go for coffee’. read more →

My story.
In 2008 my daughter and I had to go out of town for a doctor’s appointment. We were up before the birds and on a bus before the sun was up. I had been so worried we would miss the bus I didn’t even bother with coffee that morning. When we entered the building that housed the doctor I was seeing, the most wonderful aroma met us, mmmm coffee. I approached the kiosk and was told in a short snapping impatient tone the coffee wasn’t ready!! read more →

A person is a person.
This is a story I was told about my grandfather who passed before I was born, but I have used it as my inspiration to be as good as I can to everyone I come in contact with.

Every day for years my grandpa would take his work crew to breakfast before starting their day. He noticed a homeless man day after day asking for enough money to buy a half cup of coffee.  read more →

I had a doctors appointment and being early I stopped at the local coffee shop. Getting out of my vehicle a car pulled in right beside me. He looked over and smiled and said hi and wished me a good day, I said and you as well. He commented he wasn’t sure of that. He was on his way into the bank to see if he even had $5.00 left in his account to buy a cup of coffee.

I waited until he went into the bank and saw there was a long line up at the bank machine, so I headed quickly into the coffee shop. Ordered to large coffee and two cookies. Asked for a bag for the cookies, not knowing what he took in his coffee, I put milk and sugar. Borrowed a pen, and wrote on the bag. “Have a Great Day”. read more →

BusDriverGiftI had a really bad day today, so I thought I would go and cheer myself up.

This is what I gave the bus driver who took me to the shops today. I simply thanked him for doing such a wonderful, often thankless job and for always helping me. It was all in the purple ‘Handle With Joy’ envelope so he couldn’t see it at first but when he opened it, the pure joy and radiance he gave off was beautiful. read more →

I mailed a $25 restaurant gift card to a long time friend and single mom who recently got out of jail and is looking for a job in another state. I am going to send her a card once a week with a small gift instead of eating out and splurging on something when she needs essentials and needs to feed her teenage son.

I also pay for coffee a lot to someone behind in the Starbucks drive thru!

Love to pay it forward! God Bless! – Ginny

At the Belizze airport, I paid for coffee for the gal behind me and told her it’s my Random Act of Kindness. I then suggested she do something nice the next day, and she said she would. Yay!! – Barbara

My boyfriend paid for the person behind him at Starbucks today. I’m so proud. – Heather

Bought a coffee and muffin today for a four-foot-something octogenarian pink angel after letting her go ahead of me in line. – Anon

I went through the drive thru for my morning coffee and paid for the coffee of the car behind me. I told the cashier what I wanted to do and handed him a Ripple Kindness Card to give to the person behind. He was perplexed to say the least. I left with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. – Jo-anne

I was given a free cup of tea by one younger member of staff at the coffee shop that I always go to – Pattisons – St Ives Sydney. Unfortunately my cash flow is very limited at present and I was so pleasantly surprised by this young boy’s awareness.
A true act of kindness! – Wendy

I gave 57 kindness hampers out at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle with Mr Matthew age 3. We made people cry just by showing kindness by listening to them. I gave my time and I was given so much more in return. I was given hugs, smiles and genuine thanks, and even got shouted a coffee from a spunky guy! Woohoo! Matthew on the other hand was shown how to show strangers some kindness. That in itself was a lesson that will last my 3 year old a life time! – Amanda