I received many sweet and wonderful notes from my students. I still do on FB, even though I’m retired. read more →

On a home schooling trip with my kids, a young man who was a complete stranger commented on the relationship and interaction between the three of us and ‘what a good job I was doing’. read more →

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband, son, and I were having dinner at a little neighborhood Italian food place right down the road. There was an older couple sitting behind us and I noticed that they looked at us a few times. My son was 4 at the time and was being kinda rowdy so I figured we were bothering them, I gave them an apologetic glance and told my guy to calm down a bit.  read more →

Compliment people.
When I was checking out at the market the other day, the clerk, a sweet young lady whom I’d never seen before, looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and said “well, don’t you look pretty this morning!”

Now keep in mind I am 83 years old, but at that mome
nt, she made me feel tall and pretty. She made my day!! read more →

Late in the fall, a 3rd grade boy started riding my school bus. He was loud, he was fresh mouthed, he jumped in the seat, over the seats, his hands were never where they belong, other kids complained about him with good reason. I naturally had to write him up.

The first time, the mother met me on the road crying. There were more write-ups to come and one day she met me at the road and said that maybe they should go back to car riders. I told her that if they would work with him at home, I would put his assigned seat near me and maybe he would get better. read more →

Reach out.
My two year old boy was throwing the biggest tantrum ever while in the shopping centre because I had been taking time to add up the cost of everything on the list (wasn’t sure if I had enough money). read more →

Today I met a beautiful Italian man while I was waiting for a bus outside of the shopping centre. He stopped to talk to my 2-year-old and then chatted with me. He told my daughter that she was beautiful, just like her Mummy, but it didn’t stop there. Everyone that walked passed he would say hello and give them a compliment. He made me smile, as today I met a rare ray of sunshine. – Lami

ComplimentGardenWe’d often see this couple outside working hard in their garden and watched as it was transformed from a scruffy mess into something they could really be proud of. I decided I wanted to acknowledge how much love and hard work they’d put into it, so told them so in a card and included a scratch lotto ticket. People deserve to know that people notice. – Lis 🙂