I am crazy about kindness. Sharing it, spreading it, promoting it, talking about it, practicing it, blogging about it, teaching it, quoting it, buying t-shirts about it… crazy. about. kindness.

I am SO crazy about it that I felt the need to come up with a unique way to share this passion with my students and to practice kindness in a way that they would remember forever. I wanted to not only read cutesy little books about being kind (even though one of my favourite books is “What Does it Mean to Be Kind”) or practice kindness within the fours walls of our classroom (our number one rule in the class is “Be Kind”) or watch videos about examples of kindness (even though I always love me a good ugly cry kindness story on Ellen…). I wanted to LIVE kindness in our community. I wanted people to think about kindness and associate it with my kiddos and be hopeful that a bunch of 4, 5 and 6-year-olds could change the world. I wanted my learners to know that there are some lessons that aren’t in the curriculum but that will be important to them for the rest of their lives. From that place, Kindness Capes (#kindnesscapes) was born. read more →

Several years ago I went back to college after taking some years off. To make it less stressful with the transition back, I took music classes. I was nervous but excited.

I made great progress in my music, but more than that, I formed deep friendships. Most of the people in the group were old enough to be my parents/grandparents and a few became like adoptive parents who I looked forward to seeing once a week. In addition to helping with my music, one always gave me a ride home and they helped me when my anxiety became overwhelming. read more →

This video by Conscious Discipline appropriately explains bullying as one of the most misunderstood crises of our time. It takes us on an eye opening journey from infancy, highlighting a variety of circumstances within a child’s life that contribute to a bully or victim life-path. Explaining how the bully and victim’s fate can be rerouted through connection, understanding and love, it’s a video all parents and educators should take the time to watch.

Late in the fall, a 3rd grade boy started riding my school bus. He was loud, he was fresh mouthed, he jumped in the seat, over the seats, his hands were never where they belong, other kids complained about him with good reason. I naturally had to write him up.

The first time, the mother met me on the road crying. There were more write-ups to come and one day she met me at the road and said that maybe they should go back to car riders. I told her that if they would work with him at home, I would put his assigned seat near me and maybe he would get better. read more →