Years ago my youngest daughter was invited to join a mounted horseback drill team. Soon afterward she received a phone call that another girl was being “kicked off” the team because there was an odd number of riders (need even number for drill team maneuvers). She said “NO, not fair because she was on before me…I will drop out”. So proud of her! – Carole

My ex and I don’t split holidays, we share them together so our daughter doesn’t have to miss out on either of us. We buy together and contribute as a whole… not a half. Usually have Sunday dinner together as well so our girl gets at least one full family meal a week. We’ve also gone places together as a family because that’s what we still are. No courts, no payments, just us being parents like we signed up to be. read more →

When my daughter went right up to a lady she didn’t know and patted her giant teddy bear at The Show last night, I jumped into smile an apology and pull her back. My daughter is on the autism spectrum and struggles to see things from other people’s point of view, so didn’t realise that she was being a bit rude. read more →

Six months ago my three daughters and I fled our home after one disclosed years of abuse that she had secreted away. We left behind a home, a $90,000 a year income, and everything but the clothes on our backs and a vehicle. We found ourselves in a shelter, 50 miles from home, with a bit of change, our only income for the foreseeable future.  read more →

It was Thanksgiving Lunch at Maggie’s Middle school.

As my son, John stood next to Maggie the vice-principal of the school came to meet him and said, “You must belong to Maggie”. John smiled and said, “Yes I do!”

The vice-principal told John what a lovely girl Maggie is. That she has a wonderful attitude and is friends with everyone. She also commented on the fact that as a new middle-schooler, each student got to choose an elective class. It could have been art or music and indeed one of the options was to work with the mentally handicapped. And this was the choice that Maggie had made; to be a peer tutor. read more →

My daughter Brianna is 11 years old and just graduated from elementary school. She’s four years younger than her brother Joseph but always has been like a “big sister” to him because of his Autism.

BriannaShe had an assignment at school to write about something she would change in the world to make it a better place and right away she thought about her brother. She’s so keen to make people more aware about Autism. It was all her idea as is the wording in her story! read more →

Two weeks ago my girls worked together on an art project and we talked about how helping each other is kindness. read more →

My 8-year-old daughter and I were out to lunch this last Friday at Panda Express. We both had quite a bit of food and she wasn’t able to eat it all. I gave her a couple of options of either saving it for dinner, give it to her sister later or she could give to somebody who was hungry. Without hesitation, she went to ask for a box to go, came back and said “mommy, I want to give it to somebody who is hungry.” We had to run a couple errands, but we said the next person we saw holding a sign saying “please help” would be the receiver of this meal.

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My daughter has been having difficulty with a girl at school. This girl “Mary” became a bit of a stalker and it became quite intense.

It was manageable during school hours, but it was the constancy of exchanges on Instagram that became overwhelming. Relentless messages from Mary accusing my daughter of bad behaviour. Mary snapping a photo of my daughter’s private messages, where she revealed her crush and then showing him. Not cool. In the end, we advised our daughter to block Mary, at which point the girl jumped on to my account. Yikes, it was intense.

A meeting was held at school and the cyber issue was resolved. Several minor incidents occurred thereafter, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.

Then, one day my daughter came home from school furious. We sat down as I listened to the drama that had unfolded this time. Mary had taken a rotten piece of fruit and had thrown it at one of the boys. This particular boy is very shy, a bit of a recluse, an easy target. The fruit hit him. He did not respond and simply continued staring at the floor. My daughter then flew into action (she has a very strong moral compass).

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears
of another and feeling with the heart of another.” – Alfred Adler

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I was taking my grandfather in for a procedure at his doctor’s office. When we arrived, there was an older lady in a wheelchair who had obviously had a fall and a younger man standing close by, watching over her.  read more →

We have been raising money since Christmas as my daughter wants to get enough toys for children who are currently living in a refugee centre due to volcanic activities. She believes every child should have toys to play with, but we are still short of our 5 million rupiah target for our “Toys for kids” project as we have been so busy these past weeks to do any fundraising.

On Sunday, at the end of the picnic at Chandra Kusuma School, my eldest noticed that half of the cupcakes (which my other daughter helped make and decorated) that we donated to her ship had not been sold. I said we would take them home but she insisted on going around and selling them. Came back 15-20 minutes later, all sold! read more →

Do something for someone.
Oh My God! I’m in absolute shock! In a good way.

I went shopping today to try on a couple of dresses as I’m sick and tired of having nothing to wear! Anyway, I found two dresses that I loved. Both cost $119.00 each!!! I could only afford one but decided to lay-by the other dress. read more →