Our minister was given a scholarship to UK for a year. His family was frantically saving every cent they could so they could go with him, so no birthdays or Mother’s Day. read more →

We learned in church of a family whose entire house had just burned down just before Christmas.  read more →

An older man’s card kept declining and he said aloud he thought he had $70 in his account (sad that he knew how much was there) so I stepped up and paid for his groceries (I wasn’t sure if I had the funds in my account, but I did!). read more →

I have felt the LOVE today.

The company I work for has been broken up and sold to 4 different companies and I have been stressed and worried about my job. As a mid-level Corporate Executive, my job is at great risk. I have been looking and have been blessed with one job offer and probably another job offer coming too. read more →

Megan5Anyone who knows us knows that random acts of kindness have always been our thing. We did what we could when we could. When my husband Scott died we really upped our game, trying to do a few times a month if not once a week, because at a time where we were at an all time low. RAOK were something that made us feel better. Then, about a month ago, I finally quit smoking. Which gave us an idea. read more →

This is a double act of kindness.
My neighbour gave me the washing line out of his backyard because I didn’t have one in mine. He even dug the hole and cemented the washing line into the ground for me.

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I was not feeling well enough to drive and a friend took me to pick up my girl from school. She’s 80 years of age. Anyway, she hit the curb and blew out the tire. read more →

Today my son and I were at Starbucks. There was a man that was looking for a wall outlet for his phone. I had my son ask if he wanted to switch tables with us since we were not using our outlet. An employee overheard this and offered my son a cake pop for being so kind. While he had no idea what a cake pop was, anything that had the word “cake” in it couldn’t be bad! read more →

It was a little later in the year, perhaps June, but in my neighborhood, I’m known as the flower lady. The little kids come and ask for flowers; they know that if they ask and don’t take, I almost always come out and help them cut a few.  read more →

I was having a busy day, as most of us do, trying to get too much done on my day off.

I arrived at my naturopath appointment on time, but she was running late! There was someone waiting ahead of me. I expressed my anxiety of having another appointment to get to and that I would be late. The sweet woman waiting ahead of me said I could go before her as she was in no hurry. What an angel. read more →