This is a powerful activity to use in the classroom at any time a student is in need of some extra love and care or as a focus activity during International Day of Friendship. It’s one we’ve included in the Ripple Kindness Project for Schools primary and elementary curriculum as it can have such an incredibly positive impact on children who are being acknowledged and complimented. read more →

We learned in church of a family whose entire house had just burned down just before Christmas.  read more →

I went to Comic Con last weekend and had a photo opportunity with an amazing (and gorgeous) Canadian actor. When I walked in the booth he grabbed me, pulled me into a giant hug and told me that I’m beautiful (not in a creepy way… he was very sincere). read more →

I told Missy today that I needed my nails painted, that the red polish was chipped. She told me as soon as she had the time she would get to it.

It made me think about 10 or 11 years ago a friend of hers was dying from cancer. She was at home and it was near the end. Missy would go over every day after work and stay for about an hour so that her husband could take a break. Her mother was already gone and she had no children, no sisters, no sisters in law… just a few good friends who would come by. Her husband also had Hospice coming daily and a visiting nurse. read more →

Here’s a little feel good moment!

While buying my chicken thigh fillets at the deli yesterday, a little old lady asked me what I cook with my chicken. She didn’t know what was best, breast fillets or thigh fillets, so I told her one of my favourite recipes. “Oh, I will never remember that!” she said. So I told her I would write it down for her and track her down in the shop somewhere when I was finished. read more →

I had so much fun when I went to a Bazaar at a Senior housing community this past weekend. I bought a bunch of cute/nice stuff I really didn’t need just to see the smiles on the seniors faces and sparkle in their eyes. My plan is to donate what I won’t use. To me, it’s a win/win situation. – Donna 😀

Tonight, having dinner alone at our once a week normal place, I dropped a five dollar bill and the server came running out to the parking lot to return it to me. Gives you hope in mankind and warm fuzzies besides. – Jackie ❤ read more →

My son is 8 and this year we’ve committed to encouraging his physical pursuits as he leans more naturally to the arts. We signed him up to a local weekend sports club and at his first session we knew he was going to be one of those kids who enjoyed the events, but was not going to have the drive to win. We love seeing his smiling face and skipping when he runs his longer races and we’re proud of him.

Last weekend his age group had to run two laps of the oval with younger boys and our son was quickly found near the back of the pack, running, skipping & walking with his big smile. Hot on his heels were four of the little kids and he made sure he stayed pace with them.

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I have a friend that told me she had looked at a bracelet that cost $300.00 and she just had to have it because it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

She said she saved to get it although she had a lot of jewelry. She said she bought it and just loved it, but when she was out one day somewhere standing in a line of people, she felt led to give the bracelet to another woman standing in the line. Her son was with her and tried to stop her, but she said she knew God was telling her to give it away. read more →

Care for others.
I was having lunch with my husband at a restaurant a few days before Christmas. I noticed the lady bussing tables was elderly, her eyes looked swollen and she was limping.

I felt bad for her. She was so polite, making certain everyone had what they needed. I asked our waitress what this lady’s name was. Then I reached into my purse and put two hundred dollars in an envelope with her name on it. I asked our waitress to please give it to her after we left and wish her a Merry Christmas. read more →

Good Vibes.
I had my two boys with me yesterday while I did my grocery shopping. Our supermarkets are offering a Collector Cards promotion where you get 1 pack of card for every $20 you spend. My boys were given 30 packs of cards from my own purchases, plus 2 other ladies who didn’t want their cards.

Walking away from the shop, my 9 year old son commented how much of a blessing it was, and “we should do something nice to someone else”. read more →

The capacity to care.
Just before Christmas, my husband and I had a rare child free RDO. We were getting a Boost Juice before heading to the movies and there was a disabled person and his carer in line behind us. The young man tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around, realised what had happened and smiled at both of them as his carer apologised and explained to him that he shouldn’t do that. He kept it up while we waited for our turn. We just smiled and told her no worries.

When our turn came, we left enough money to buy both of them a Boost and a tip for the staff. When the carer came to us and said thank you, we just told her Merry Christmas. It was pure magic how good we felt afterwards. Really, their day was going to be challenging enough. We hope they felt someone cared. – Ange 🙂

My nine year old and I stopped by a store to run some errands. There was a young man in a wheel chair asking for money. We decided to give him my son’s after school snack and some money. I asked him if he would like a blanket for his legs since it was very cold outside. He smiled and said yes. When we gave him the blanket (it was my son’s blanket that he used to stay warm in the car), he exclaimed “GOD IS GOOD!” We said goodbye and headed inside the store.

When we walked out about 30 minutes later, the young man was still there with the blanket over his legs. My son stopped me and asked me for a hug. I knew he couldn’t say what he was feeling, but I knew it was something good! Moments like these make my life wonderful, being able to teach my son kindness. – Aura 🙂