My 20th birthday did not start out very well. It was exam week at my university, so all of my friends were busy studying. I lived a 10-hour flight away from my family, so I felt upset and alone the entire morning. read more →

This is the most incredible thing someone has done for me!

I am always posting about kindness and helping others. I try to teach my son and we do things often to help him understand the importance of helping others. read more →

Create those blessings for others.
I’m a single mom to girls, I work 30 hours a week at the local university and attend graduate school there full time. My ex no longer pays child support and it made it hard for us to make ends meet.

I started to think about dropping out of grad school so I could work full time but a friend of mine told me that they wanted to support me by help us out once a month. read more →

When we give.
Last Christmas eve, my daughter and I were at Walmart buying a Christmas dinner feast for a family we’d heard was in need.

While we were there, we saw a young couple approach a family that looked like they were struggling financially. The couple chatted with the family a little and then gave them a Walmart gift card. read more →

This summer, when my husband Mike died suddenly, I was left in upstate NY with a pickup, travel trailer, and car. I managed to get to a campground near my sister’s place and spent the summer there.

With so much to do and so many decisions to make, I was not “rowing with both oars”, as you can imagine. I somehow lost my full set of keys. I grabbed Mike’s key and left, assuming I’d find my set in the camper later. I looked for days and finally replaced them. read more →

One person.
Today at Wal-Mart there was a guy standing in the cold wind with a sign that he is out of work and has kids. I parked and went in, did my shopping then got in my car to leave. I was driving past him on my way out and made the decision to go park again not far from where he was standing. read more →