We learned in church of a family whose entire house had just burned down just before Christmas.  read more →

I went to a park and lost 4 pendants with my husband’s name, my name and my 2 boys. My family had bought them for me as a 1-year anniversary present and I was devastated. read more →

My employer hosts a White Elephant gift exchange each year where the Company buys all the gifts. read more →

I was getting a few items at the grocery store the other day and a lady came behind me with one box of oatmeal. She was holding a credit type card in her hand. I whispered to the cashier to please ring hers in too. At first, she thought there was a mistake and I just turned and said Merry Christmas and the cashier handed her the oatmeal in a bag before she bagged my items and the lady left. read more →

As long as I can remember I have dreamed of traveling and one of the places I have always wanted to go was Ireland. Another thing that had tagged along with this dream was the question: “How am I going to get to there?”

When I was in my early 40s, I had saved a bit of money, and I thought that I was finally on my way to getting to Ireland! I had started a bank account. I called my “travel fund”. Cute name I thought! One day my life partner, who was also my car mechanic, announced that my car needed a new transmission. “How much?” I asked and almost cried when he told me the amount. It was the exact amount that was in my travel fund. I thought that God had a funny sense of humor. Yeah, it was a travel fund alright, but not to Ireland. My dream was dead! read more →

Last night the kids and I ran to Kroger because we felt like baking cookies. In the checkout line there was a lady in front of me. She smiled at me. I was laughing. She said what’s so funny? I said the cashier just tried to ring up someone’s umbrella (it had been raining) she laughed and continued chatting. read more →

Some weeks ago, our friend was chatting with us and mentioned out of the blue that she loves the tacos from a certain fast food restaurant near her. Almost immediately, I knew I wanted to surprise her with them at some point. I get super impatient when I have to wait to surprise someone, but somehow I managed. read more →

Something wonderful happened to us thanks to various Facebook notice boards and we wanted to share our experience. read more →

The most memorable act of kindness I have been involved in as a giver was around 3 years ago when I gave one of my adult students a red scarf that my mum had knitted.  I was teaching a TAFE class during winter and every Tuesday I would arrive wearing a different coloured knitted scarf. One of my students, Sylvia, a woman in her 50s, said to me at every class “I love your scarf, can I have it?” Every single lesson. Strange thing to say. At the end of the course, I decided to give her a scarf. My mum had knitted two identical red scarves for both my daughters. They didn’t wear the scarves. I wore one scarf and the other was in the cupboard unused. I asked my daughter if she minded if I gave one of the scarves away and she said “no go ahead”. read more →

When we asked people what made their world a wonderful place, we were delighted by some heartwarming responses. Enjoy…

A local butcher brought me a huge gift basket of different types of meat, spice rub, etc. It had to be valued at $100, but he just dropped it off yesterday for my family telling me that he appreciated all my hard work and he just wanted to thank me! Made me feel good! Nice guy! – Michelle 😀 read more →

Create those blessings for others.
I’m a single mom to girls, I work 30 hours a week at the local university and attend graduate school there full time. My ex no longer pays child support and it made it hard for us to make ends meet.

I started to think about dropping out of grad school so I could work full time but a friend of mine told me that they wanted to support me by help us out once a month. read more →

Things you do for others live on.
Last year, I started a tradition of GIVING – through acts of service or giving gifts of love to others on my birthday.

I was inspired by a 30 year old memory of my late grand uncle (he was my mother’s uncle) who had taught me an important lesson about giving when I was 6 years old.

It was my brother’s birthday and my grand uncle had attended his party. When he arrived, grand uncle handed me a nicely wrapped present. I was confused and  thought he had mistaken my brother’s birthday for mine, so I told politely declined. read more →