This past week was M’s birthday. When friends or family members ask me what she wants for her birthday, my answer is usually, “Time”.

This year, M asked us to play at her favorite playground. She asked us to go swimming at the local indoor pool. She asked to share a pizza with her grandparents and to make enchiladas and ice cream cake with a few of her friends from school. And that…was it! No toys. No gadgets. No themed, decorated party with an agenda and entertainment. Just time with friends and family. read more →

I teach at a Title I school (which means over 75% of our kids are on free/reduced breakfast/lunch status). Almost every morning one of my little fellows brings me FOOD from the cafeteria (an apple, pear, box of raisins…). read more →

I’m a single 45 year old female who has no kids, 2 nephews, a handful of amazing friends and a love of random acts of kindness. I’m also the type of person who LOVES doing her Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve! I shop for everyone and I always manage to get the perfect gift. I battle the hordes of people, searching for gifts (hordes of people who probably need a little pick-me-up). read more →

I was walking home from yoga downtown. It usually takes me half an hour. I said hi to a homeless man and he talked to me for about ten minutes. I got a lot of hugs, hand kisses and compliments, and off I went feeling pretty great. My soul mate cat died about a month ago and I’m still grieving, but after that I felt the first real smile I’d had in over a month. I took time at home with her during her final month as well. read more →

Transform a hardened heart.
Years ago I began a tradition of giving back for each holiday we celebrated. One Christmas during a particularly prosperous time in our country, I was shocked to find that there was a “shortage” of in need families. I began to think about who else needed help around the holiday. We always think of kids at this time of year and it came to me that there are many lonely adults as well. I was able to get the name of some individuals needing some Christmas cheer of one kind or another.

One for a “gentleman” named John. John was a particularly vile individual, who lived in what amounted to two rooms of his rather large house. read more →

Be grateful for people.
Guess what!

You will never believe it, someone paid off my layaway at Walmart!

We live in Phoenix, Arizona, I went to the Walmart on 95th Ave and Camelback to payoff my layaway and the lady said its already paid. I said, I didn’t pay off my layaway! She said a good samaritan paid off your off your layaway for you! read more →

Pay an act of kindness forward.
Tomorrow I turn 55 but I have already given myself the best gift … I accomplished my goal of doing 55 Random Acts of Kindness in the 55 days before my 55th birthday! It was such fun and I really enjoyed seeing the smiles on people’s faces.

I am on a pension so I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things I wanted but I did achieve a lot. read more →

At Christmas time my 4 little ones and I would go to the toy store and buy whatever my kids thought were cool toys then we would drive around and look for people that had little kids. We would randomly stop at bus stops where we would typically see mothers waiting with their children for the next bus. I would pull over and we would give the gifts out just because. Oh my kids loved seeing the smiles on their faces it was sweet fun. – Susheila 🙂

Whilst shopping at a large centre I noticed an elderly man looking really confused. I approached him and asked him if he was ok.

He told me that he had bought perfume for the workers at his retirement home. He said he had left them at a store so he could finish the rest of his shopping, but now he couldn’t remember which store.   read more →

MakingMondaysFabulousMy two co-workers and I got together at work and formed a secret group called Making Monday’s fabulous. In the summer we choose a different person each Monday or department and make their Monday fabulous by surprising them with gifts, positive comments, letting them know they make a difference in the work place. We continued to do this all year. We decided to do this because we wanted to bring some fun and kind acts into the work place and really let people know that they do make a difference. It has been a massive success. – Jen 🙂