My name is Allison Comba, I am 21 years old and I created The Flower Girls Foundation with my little sister Rebecca after realizing what a strong effect Alzheimer’s disease has on individuals and on everyone around them. Our grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for years now and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see. But, what makes our grandmother happy is… music. It was like she was a different person if she would hear Rebecca sing. We thought she no longer knew how to smile until we tried to make her. Entertaining her not only made her smile, it made us feel great too. This made us want to make other people smile too, just like we did with her, which is where “The Flower Girls Foundation” started. read more →

My daughter (now 17) completely went against a whole class of girls in junior school that had fallen out with one girl. She would have been on her own if my daughter hadn’t remained friends with her, even though this girl had ganged up on her in the past. I thought it showed a great strength of character and the girls mum even rang to thank her. – Zara x

Yesterday my girls and I went to the yearly event Paris Plage. An afternoon out and about on a makeshift beach in the center of town. Unfortunately, the state of the world is such that the entrance is guarded and soldiers are on patrol, as you can maybe make out in the picture. read more →

A small act of kindness.
My daughter is a Mini level all star cheerleader with Green Bay Fusion All Star Cheerleading in Green Bay, WI. In the last week of February we had a competition in Madison. Part of the fun of her competitions is that we get to travel and of course stay in a hotel and swim. Well swim we did, until my daughter got out of the pool and got sick everywhere on the pool deck. read more →

Do unto others.
When my girls were almost six, we flew from Washington State to Pittsburgh PA. Just the 4 of us. My dad had cancer and a stroke and we weren’t sure he’d make it.

My husband dropped us off curbside at the airport. I was carrying their travel backpacks and my own things, trying to keep them together, find what gate we needed to be at and watching the time disappear. read more →

My family and I went out for a game of squash today. On the way home, we saw the cutest little girls manning a lemonade stand outside their house. A big sign said “FREE LEMONADE”. My husband instinctively knew he had to stop the car and off I went with lollies and kids Ripple Kindness Cards. read more →