There’s been so much that I’ve wanted to share about what I’ve witnessed in the aftermath of Harvey. Every time I try to write about it I can’t quite seem to find the words. A few days ago I read an article and the author used the words ‘heart breakingly beautiful’ to describe it all and from my vantage point as a volunteer that sums it up perfectly. read more →

Last night the kids and I ran to Kroger because we felt like baking cookies. In the checkout line there was a lady in front of me. She smiled at me. I was laughing. She said what’s so funny? I said the cashier just tried to ring up someone’s umbrella (it had been raining) she laughed and continued chatting. read more →

I just wanted to send out a public but very important thank you to my colleague Jacinta.

Today at CHAMPION, one of our regular visitors came in. Usually, our regular comes in on a Wednesday so we were a little surprised to see her. Last week this lady had been unwell and today, when she came in she was unfortunately even more unwell. read more →

While shopping just prior to Christmas, on a colder, windy day, I encountered a gray-haired gentleman asking for help.

I was preparing to open the trunk to place bags in when he approached. He said, I’m not meaning to pressure or frighten you in any way, just wondering if I could assist you with your bags. I was hurried, tired, and said ‘I’m all set, but thank you’. He asked if I had a moment, staying the same distance away. I replied ‘of course’. He explained he and his wife were homeless and had been sleeping in their car for several days. They had found a shelter with space for them, but it was a few towns away and we’re out of gas. He asked if I might spare a dollar or two to help them get there. I said ‘of course’, going to the side of my car to get money from my purse, which was in the car. I was so humbled by his politeness and demeanor, I opted to give him just a little more than a dollar or two… the amount is irrelevant to the story. read more →

I had a heart issue and no health insurance, a man in Tampa paid my bill for me. – Scott 👍

Awesome feeling today when I went to Asda (Walmart supermarket) and met a lady in a wheelchair scooter with her son.

I took out half an hour to say hello and listen to their stories of the new baby in the family and how excited they all were to be sharing Christmas together.

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