An old man I didn’t know left a message on my answering machine saying he needed an ambulance. He gave his first name and half an address, no last name, no return number. It was during the night and I didn’t find it until about 7am. read more →

Last Wednesday on my way to work while it was 19° and icy out, I saw a person under a blanket in the bus shelter. From the position of their head and hands, I was scared they may be frozen to death (though he was wearing purple gloves but his hands were becoming frostbitten). read more →

Someone I know was put in a hospice because she was very sick. She had a blood disorder and doctors didn’t think she would make it. This place would make its residents cook their own food but the staff brought meds. She was so sick she couldn’t even get out of bed. read more →

I used to take the old ladies next door grocery shopping sometimes, and sometimes I helped carry their food up the front steps, but sometimes I just wasn’t “up to it” with all my own bags. read more →

It’s 10:30pm on Sunday night. I’ve just finished driving around for an hour to recharge my battery after leaving my passenger car door open for 4 days, which of course flattened the battery. read more →

I was diagnosed with stage 4 Follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in May 2004. My youngest child was four at the time. 10 months later, my dad died, and 30 hours after my dad passed away, my husband died. The doctors gave me very little hope of raising my son. read more →

I was finished putting my groceries in my car yesterday and returned my cart to the cart return area. As I looked around, I saw a lady who was using an electric chair with a basket on the front (most stores have them here for folks who can’t walk well for whatever reason). She was at her car about to unload her groceries, and when I walked over and saw she had terrible edema in both legs – this happens when your lymphatic system does not work properly and fluids don’t drain from your body, and I’ve heard it is both painful and debilitating – anyway I made sure I looked her right in the eyes and asked with a smile on my face, if I could help put her groceries in her car for her. read more →

On a cold Friday evening, I was dropping my son at basketball training, when I spotted this couple with luggage. They were stopping every couple of steps and the man was more or less carrying the woman. read more →

My day started out great, everything planned in advance – but it quickly went downhill.

I dropped off two dogs to get spayed at 7:30, I planned to go to college to drop off my daughter’s paperwork, sign my lease agreement on new home, get my new license plate for my truck, go into the office for a couple of hours, and pick up my dogs at 3:00 pm. Everything went well until about 9:00. read more →

Acknowledge kindness.
I was working a corporate job I hated but the money was decent. It was about three days before Christmas.

I’d headed to the supermarket for groceries and in the ice cream section I found a woman weeping. I asked her what was wrong and she explained that her husband had cleared out the house and taken all his belonging plus the furniture etc when she was picking their four children up from school and daycare (apparently it was an hour round trip due to where they all attended school and daycare). read more →

Kindness a great enough reward.
I came out of the supermarket to find a piece of paper under my windscreen wiper. It was a note which said that the writer had found a wallet and had handed it in at the front counter of the supermarket. It explained that it was found in the parking bay near my car, so it might be mine.

As I reflected on how kind and honest that was… and feeling a sense of warmth about humanity I noticed that under the wipers of the cars either side of me were similar notes. Not only did this person hand the wallet in they actively sought the owner.

I don’t know whether the owner of the wallet as ever found, but I do know that the finders kindness radiated to others through their simple action in wanting to help. – Karen 😀

I remember my mom never having “extra money” but learned later she was helping one of her students pay rent after becoming a teenage mom and her parents kicking her out. The girl had confided in my mom that she was going to have to drop out to take care of her newborn, but my mom wasn’t having that!! And yes she got her diploma! – Mary 😀