I have felt the LOVE today.

The company I work for has been broken up and sold to 4 different companies and I have been stressed and worried about my job. As a mid-level Corporate Executive, my job is at great risk. I have been looking and have been blessed with one job offer and probably another job offer coming too. read more →

When I was working the evening shift (I work as a cashier) there was couple who immediately apologised when it was their turn to place their items on the conveyor belt. The man said, “sorry, but you’re going to have to work a bit extra because we’re going to pay some with a debit card and some with cash”. Of course, this was no problem and I began scanning their items. I noticed that both the man and the women both paid extra attention to the display to know what the current total was. Because there was no line behind them and because we had more lines open, I decided to close my line for other customers so they did not have to feel the stress of having people waiting behind.
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This insightful video from SoulPancake really makes you think! They get a life coach to talk to people on the street and ask them if they’ve ever thought about their success and who helped them get there.

After these people sit and write a letter to the person who has most influenced them during their life, they’re asked to call that person and read them the letter. It’s an emotional and beautiful video that I hope inspires many to do the same.

Pay Back Kindness.
My story of kindness is unique in that it involves many people and takes place over many years. It’s the story of a student of mine who I have seen grow into a fine young gentleman because of the kindness of others.

I first met Tony when he was five years old. He was enrolled as a kindergarten student in my special education classroom. His preschool teacher had already contacted me before his arrival and told me a lot about him. I knew that he was classified under a pervasive developmental disorder which meant that he showed a lot of characteristics typical of Autism. She shared with me all of his unique traits like how he often hid action figures in his pants, spoke by quoting movie lines and had a real aversion to anything academic. They really didn’t know what he was capable of because he hadn’t produced much up to that point. That would soon change. read more →