I went to a park and lost 4 pendants with my husband’s name, my name and my 2 boys. My family had bought them for me as a 1-year anniversary present and I was devastated. read more →

ShagThe day of your passing, I was sitting in MedExpress waiting for my X-rays to be put on a disc before I went to work at Costco in Winchester.

There was an older couple sitting in the waiting area with me. The wife went to the check-in window and the staff gave her a hard time about checking her husband in. They needed her husband, who was disabled and using a walker to get around as he only had one leg, to come over and check-in himself.  read more →

Acknowledge kindness.
I was working a corporate job I hated but the money was decent. It was about three days before Christmas.

I’d headed to the supermarket for groceries and in the ice cream section I found a woman weeping. I asked her what was wrong and she explained that her husband had cleared out the house and taken all his belonging plus the furniture etc when she was picking their four children up from school and daycare (apparently it was an hour round trip due to where they all attended school and daycare). read more →

The Cab Ride.
There was a time in my life twenty years ago when I was driving a cab for a living. It was a cowboy’s life, a gamblers life, a life for someone who wanted no boss, constant movement, and the thrill of a dice roll every time a new passenger got into the cab.

What I didn’t count on when I took the job was that it was also a ministry. Because I drove the night shift, the car became a rolling confessional. Passengers would climb in, sit behind me in total darkness and anonymity, and tell me of their lives. read more →

Care to make a difference.
I was working in a hospice 25 years ago.

This particular night, we were full – 12 patients with just me and one other nurse on night duty. Around 10pm, I was trying to get the night time medications dispensed so people could get pain relief and start to think about sleeping. read more →

This summer, when my husband Mike died suddenly, I was left in upstate NY with a pickup, travel trailer, and car. I managed to get to a campground near my sister’s place and spent the summer there.

With so much to do and so many decisions to make, I was not “rowing with both oars”, as you can imagine. I somehow lost my full set of keys. I grabbed Mike’s key and left, assuming I’d find my set in the camper later. I looked for days and finally replaced them. read more →

A real friend.
The year before last, my husband and I were having a hard time. Christmas came around and we didn’t have the money to get much for our three kids. We left the house one day and when we came home, there were presents piled around the Christmas tree and a Christmas dinner on the table. read more →

One year at Christmas my husband and I dropped one of our cars off for service and headed out to shop. Earlier in the week I had contacted the local elementary school to see if there was a child in need. I was told about a little boy who didn’t even have socks to wear with his shoes in the winter. We shopped for our children and spent a little over $150 on the little boy. read more →

What makes the world a better place.
I used to work for a printing company and when I’d walk through the plant to my office, I’d greet the “ink” lady. She had bottles of different colored inks behind her on the shelf. I told her she was lucky because she got to work with a rainbow every day.

One day during Thanksgiving week, she was not her typical happy self. I asked what was wrong. Her husband had lost his job and they were struggling. She wanted to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with her kids and grandkids, but they were broke. read more →

Help someone.
A couple of years ago, I moved across the country with my family. I was lonely and didn’t know anyone. My husband brought a friend home for dinner one night – he was a homeless man who was friends with my husband’s mom. He lived in a tent on someone else’s property and worked every day to earn enough money for food and whatever else he needed (it was in CA so living in a tent is do-able). read more →

I work an hour from home and one day on my lunch break, my car decided to make a crazyyyy noice… a loud, screeching sound. Panicked, what was I to do, I call my husband of course. I knew he could fix this problem if I let him hear it over the phone LMAOO…. I guess I sounded nervous of the thought that I would have to drive home for an hour with intermittent cell service and if I break down, what was I going to do. read more →

I am a very private person and have really never believed that we should talk about what we do to help other people because our rewards will be in heaven. I have to tell you that I no longer think this way.

About 7 month ago I lost my only child and my husband due to a drunken driving accident. My husband had to pick up our daughter from work. It was around 10pm on a Friday night. They were almost home when a car slammed into them killing my husband on impact and my daughter was trapped in the car. When I arrived the police tried to get me away but I pushed right through and when I got to the car, I knew my husband was dead and I knew that my little girl would not make it. read more →