I just wanted to say a very big thank you to the lady who paid for my coffee this morning in Lilydale. read more →

On a home schooling trip with my kids, a young man who was a complete stranger commented on the relationship and interaction between the three of us and ‘what a good job I was doing’. read more →

I was in Safeway getting a sandwich. The girl who was making my sandwich was completely overwhelmed. read more →

Today I spotted £10 on the ground in my local shopping centre. I was going to keep it but it didn’t feel quite right, it wasn’t mine after all. I asked the security guard if I should hand it in and he said they’d never prove who it belonged to so I should keep it. read more →

I wanted to change the spark plug in my lawn mower but thought I didn’t have the right tool to remove old spark plug, so off I went to Bunnings and bought a spark plug remover thingie… yaahhhh right? Nope, it didn’t fit, I couldn’t make it work. So off I trot, back to Bunnings the next weekend with said tool to get them to show me how to use it lol too bloody easy…. not. The one I brought should have worked so the guy who was helping me says “I’ve got this other tool you can have. If there’s a spare, you can just have it.” OMG how very nice of him! Totally made my day.
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A stranger's kindness.
I lost my ipad on the way back to Medan from Singapore a few weeks ago. Long story, but basically through pure misunderstanding and accident, the ipad was put in a compartment that was unlocked in a bag that was checked in. Obviously by the time we realised, we were back in Medan and the ipad was lost. It was hard to pinpoint whether it was taken whilst in Singapore or after we got back to Medan. However, as much as it was annoying, I chose to let it go and count my lucky stars that it was only my ipad that was gone and nothing else more important, like my family. read more →

Reality is better than dreams.
A few years ago, I was visiting my brother’s niche at the mausoleum. I sat down on a bench in front of the niche and from around the corner, I heard an elderly male voice. He was singing “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You”. It was beautiful. I
sat there until he had finished singing. He had no idea I was there. When I walked around the corner, he was crying. Of all things, he apologized. He said he came every day to visit his wife and sing to her. I immediately told him no apology was necessary because he had just made my day. – Brenda 

Help Someone..
I live in Miami, Florida and work downtown. Years ago we had a couple of record breaking cold temperature nights during our short winter and I saw a homeless man curled up, shaking and sleeping on the floor on my way home at almost 10 p.m. It was freezing by our standards and it was heartbreaking to see him that way.

I drove 14 miles to my home, picked up a blanket and a warm dinner and drove back downtown to deliver it to the homeless man. He was so thankful and grateful for my gesture. read more →

Give someone a reason to smile.
Sometimes I feel like I practically live at the grocery store. I was at the deli counter AGAIN and joking with the guys behind the counter about how often I’m there, and I feel a small body snuggle itself to my side and arms go around my waist. I knew immediately someone mistook me for their mom. But I quickly embraced the little girl like she was mine and gave her a snuggle right back! Then she noticed mom standing next to me with a smile on her face and ran to hide behind her in embarrassment. It was so nice to have that feeling again since my kids are teenagers now. I told the little girl she made my day! – Sally 🙂

While shopping the other day, a lady looked a bit stressed. I could smell her perfume and simply said “excuse me, you smell really nice” and gave her a smile.

She was dumbfounded and spluttered the name of the perfume and thanked me.
I could actually see her pull her shoulders back and stand a little taller. Made my day too. – Roxanne