It was a sunny day. I was walking in one of the sectors more dangerous in Bogota, the Jimenez Avenue. There inhabit indigent people. They did not have covers, not even the basic needs such as a home for living, a dish with food, etc. Besides, their rights had been violated because the policemen were going for this avenue and they saw to the indigents lying down in the street and began to hit them. read more →

It is important to take time in your life to see the beauty and the lessons that come into our lives but we tend to be too busy to take time to breath them in.

Today I had a sweet man come and put more installation into the attic. He had a challenge when he had to go up the ladder to get Sadie our cat down who can climb a ladder very fast. He was so gentle with her. As he handed her back to me, he told me quickly that he had lost his cat a few days ago. A cat that he rescued 10 years ago and told me how his cat loved to collect socks and bring them to him. I watched as he fought back tears and he was embarrassed. But just at that moment, shy Smudge our other cat, came running over and stood up against his leg to be picked up. When he picked her up she gave him a kiss and rubbed her head against his. He said thank you, it was what he needed. read more →

I was in the supermarket and a man approached me with just a few coins in his hand. We were both in the pet food aisle and I was buying food for my cats. I had noticed him looking at the prices and then looking at the coins in his hand and when he came up to me I knew what he needed. “Excuse me Miss, I have a cat at home but I don’t have enough money here to buy her some food. Would you have a couple of dollars spare?”

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Joanne and I had been childhood friends, went through school together and hung out with each other when ever possible. My family was full of drama and chaos. My dad was a alcoholic and there were many fights in our home when he came home drunk and broke. So I stayed away for as long as I could and as often as I could.

I was always at Joanne’s house, her mom and dad took me in like one of their own. So much laughter and sharing and just a fun loving, caring environment.

Her mom got sick when we were in high school and died before she could see Joanne graduate. After the funeral her warmhearted, caring dad seemed to change. He didn’t want anyone around and never went out.

I always thought he really wanted everyone there, but his hurt, anger and loneliness was changing him. Eventually everyone did drift away. The kids never visited or phoned. read more →

Friendship, open your heart.
There was this very old man who walked miles collecting cans. One day I asked him if he wanted mine and he gave me his address. A few days later I dropped them off at his tiny rental. We got to talking and became friends and soon I was taking him to the recycling station because I had a truck and he had no vehicle.

In his little place, although very clean and organized, were piles of copper, marble, newspaper, etc. all of which he recycled for money by trash-picking. read more →

I myself am in a 12 step recovery program, and by the grace of God and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, today I can say I am sober one more day.

I live in a very small community, and do not give it a second thought to help out.

On my way to the post office a few weeks ago there was a man struggling with two huge garbage bags of empty pop and beer cans to return to the depot. read more →

I was driving to work when a car suddenly pulled up next to me at the traffic lights and the driver had his window down and was singing out loud to me.

I got a fright, but I turned my music down and my window down a bit and he said ‘your back tyre is nearly flat’. He gave me instructions to the nearest petrol station and when I pulled up near the air hose, he had followed me. He got out and pumped air into my flat tyre and said I needed to get it fixed ASAP. I thanked him and he drove off.

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Kindness gives hope.
I wanted to share with you a kindness I witnessed today.

A little background to start. I have befriended a homeless gentleman and his dog. I made his acquaintance this summer – and stop by the area he frequents almost every day to check on him – make sure he has food for both him and his dog … warm clothes and bedding – general daily care items.

I was sitting and chatting with him tonight and someone walked up behind me — I heard a man’s voice say hello – and Jay returned the greeting. He seemed a little ill at ease and when the man asked if he was hungry and needed food Jay said he was OK as he fumbled with his backpack. I then heard the man state it was OK, he’d be more than happy to take him into the store and buy him some food right now. read more →

Kindness gives a feeling of comfort.
I was waiting my turn at the checkout in a shopping centre and I couldn’t help overhearing a young man’s conversation on his phone. He was nicely dressed and had a good look about him but it seemed he was having a hard time with money. He told the person on the phone he had only $20 and would put it in the bank for whoever was on the phone. read more →

Help Someone..
I live in Miami, Florida and work downtown. Years ago we had a couple of record breaking cold temperature nights during our short winter and I saw a homeless man curled up, shaking and sleeping on the floor on my way home at almost 10 p.m. It was freezing by our standards and it was heartbreaking to see him that way.

I drove 14 miles to my home, picked up a blanket and a warm dinner and drove back downtown to deliver it to the homeless man. He was so thankful and grateful for my gesture. read more →

I find out every day how many kind people there still are. When I shop in any market that is too large to walk, I use a motorized cart because I have trouble walking, losing my balance. However, so many people in that market, anyone of them, ask me if I need help. I am so grateful for these great people.

When I retire for the night I ask God if he saw how these people treated me, and would he Bless them for their kindness. And I thank him for being there for me.  read more →

Reach out.
My two year old boy was throwing the biggest tantrum ever while in the shopping centre because I had been taking time to add up the cost of everything on the list (wasn’t sure if I had enough money). read more →