I had just sat down at the breakfast counter at the local Mom-and-Pop diner when a woman of perhaps 60 years took the seat next to me. Almost immediately her cell phone rang, and she began talking to someone who was obviously distraught. She kept trying to reassure the person that everything was going to be all right, she was just getting something to eat and she’d be on the road right away. She ended the conversation with, “See you in about 8 hours” and broke the connection with a sigh. read more →

It was a sunny day. I was walking in one of the sectors more dangerous in Bogota, the Jimenez Avenue. There inhabit indigent people. They did not have covers, not even the basic needs such as a home for living, a dish with food, etc. Besides, their rights had been violated because the policemen were going for this avenue and they saw to the indigents lying down in the street and began to hit them. read more →

Every Saturday night we go to town to feed the homeless. We take a table and make a healthy, balanced meal. We are not a church or an organisation, we just take what food we have and feed the hungry and homeless. We ask how everyone is and chat. Some come slowly and don’t say much and you can feel their pain of where they are at – and we build a relationship – of equals. We take with us equality and kindness. read more →

Kindness does matter.
Long story cut short… back in 2007 I was doing the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and went out to dinner with my wife in this gorgeous little seaside town (Apollo Bay I think it was) and during our meal I noticed this lovely older couple enjoying each others’ company whilst dining out also. We were the only two couples in this quaint little restaurant this particular evening and it was wonderful.

Anyway, I went up to pay for our meal and decided to ask the teenage girl at the till if she could sort the bill for the other people as well as I wanted to pay for their meal. read more →

Someone Else's Shoes.
One night while dining out with my husband at “Red Lobster”, a young couple was trying to have dinner with their newborn baby.

The baby was fussy, so the new mother was standing near their table with her baby on her shoulder trying to steal bites of her food while comforting her newborn.  read more →

I used to live near and work in downtown Atlanta and would buy several loaves of bread, jelly, peanut butter, plastic knifes and paper towel etc, and when I was stopped at a light would handout a bag to those in need. When I could afford it, I’d get little treats too! I like the gift card idea. For around $5 a person can get a sandwich, and we can all go without 1 meal to give to another every now and then. – Kim

My daughter and I just brought noodles for dinner. On the way to the shop, we noticed a bloke asleep on a mattress, so we put in an extra meal order and took back a meal to this bloke. When we arrived there were 2 of them, so we shouted 2 young homeless men dinner! Spreading kindness feels AWESOME!! – Amanda 🙂