Last Wednesday on my way to work while it was 19° and icy out, I saw a person under a blanket in the bus shelter. From the position of their head and hands, I was scared they may be frozen to death (though he was wearing purple gloves but his hands were becoming frostbitten). read more →

My son’s 19-year-old girlfriend Tahlia was expected but rang to say she was delayed. read more →

coverWhen I was homeless, it was a very scary hard life.

I never asked for anything, but loads of people gave me things. They gave me money, trainers, bedding and hot food with sweet drinks and water, and kindness. I did get the horrible ones who spat, swore and were damned right aggressive.

I fell ill and was taken to hospital but I felt I was a burden so discharged myself after a few days. The police arrested me for harassment and I was taken to court and imprisoned for three weeks whilst reports were done. read more →

It’s really weird, but good things keep happening to me.

It started off when I was 2 days late returning my DVD and the lovely lady behind the counter said “It’s on me. Have a beautiful day!” read more →

I found a ladies purse in the carpark outside the library. It had over $400 inside. Using her ID, I tried finding her in the whitepages – No luck. I rang the police station, but the calls went to voice mail! So I went inside the library and the librarian said a lady had just rung asking if her purse was there and was on the way back to try and find it. I walked outside and there she was in the car park searching. I gave her purse back to her and she was so grateful and relieved to get it back. – Stacey 🙂